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2018 Wedding Trends: Rustic 2.0

If you are planning to get married in 2018, one of the first things to do is checking the new 2018 Wedding Trends in order to plan a memorable wedding day!

2018 wedding Trends

Next year we’ll see a more dramatic and almost edgy vibe: deeper colors and richer textures. A sort of new rustic (for the IT addicted let’s say rustic 2.0!), still somewhat relaxed but a bit more raised up.

Foliage, whites and greys will be mixed up with soft metallics. Rose gold is getting replaced by silver and chrome and pale roses by dramatic hues like burgundy.


Wedding guest care: group games and activities in Tuscany

An experience to remember: a wedding in Tuscan vineyards!

Wedding in tuscan vineyards

Wedding in tuscan vineyards – Ph. Domenico Costabile

First of all, if I were to ask what comes to your mind when you think of Tuscany, would wine will be among the answers? I’m sure it would! Tuscan Wine is one of the reasons why foreign people love our region and for many couples, a dream wedding in Tuscan vineyards seems to be the perfect experience to give their guests an unforgettable rustic experience! And who can blame them? Vineyards are the perfect background that can make a wedding absolutely memorable! Let’s see some examples of how vineyards can improve a wedding! (more…)

Wedding in Tuscany: let your guest know more about your special day, by a dedicated website!


When we are invited to a wedding, in our special case a wedding in Tuscany, usually all we know is what we read on the invitation: names, places, day, time and few things more.

Your wedding day is so special and so are the ones you chose to share it with! So why don’t you let them know something more about the most beautiful and important day in your life?

When you decide to get married in another country, it’s really important for your guests to be informed about details. But, you know, you can’t write all things in an invitation. Anyway you can add a new piece of information on it: a simple link to your wedding website and the password to enter. You’ll see that a dedicated website for your wedding in tuscany might be the perfect choice! (more…)

How to be ‘socially correct’ during a wedding in Tuscany

Wedding ceremony in TuscanyPH: Facibeni

Whilst browsing various blogs lately, I have seen quite a lot of talk about the use of  social media during weddings. I was very inspired by this topic so I thought I would write about it for all those couples who are planning on having a wedding in Tuscany.



Medieval birthday party in Italy

12Italian birthday party in tuscany

PH: Beautiful Umbria

Birthday party in Italy

In May 2015, the pretty Tuscan town of Cortona was turned upside down by the arrival of a group of Americans from Chicago, led by Mr Chuck and his lovely wife Fortunee.

The couple chose to come to Tuscany with a group of their friends to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary as well as Chuck’s 80th birthday…at this point you are probably wondering “so what’s the big deal?” well let me tell you, this was no ordinary party!

The couple arrived in Tuscany on the 15th of May, that evening they had a dinner in the lovely villa they were staying in, set in the countryside just outside Cortona. A singer entertained them whilst they relaxed and enjoyed a Tuscan meal and some great Tuscan wine.


Super Tuscan Wedding Planners come to Dubai

Wedding Welcome Basket “Must-have” Items: Exclusively Italian Style!


02Trasimeno lake wedding in ItalyIt’s the day of your wedding in Tuscany and you and your groom are the main characters of this event, but we’re sure that you will want to dedicate a special thought to your guests, too. So leave them with a long-lasting memory of this event by giving them an Italian style welcome basket! Of course we can suggest a number of other ways to greet your bridesmaids and groomsmen such as an alfresco wedding aperitif by the pool or a pre-wedding party with some chill out music, but we just want to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable.