If you are planning to get married in 2018, one of the first things to do is checking the new 2018 Wedding Trends in order to plan a memorable wedding day!

2018 wedding Trends

Next year we’ll see a more dramatic and almost edgy vibe: deeper colors and richer textures. A sort of new rustic (for the IT addicted let’s say rustic 2.0!), still somewhat relaxed but a bit more raised up.

Foliage, whites and greys will be mixed up with soft metallics. Rose gold is getting replaced by silver and chrome and pale roses by dramatic hues like burgundy.

Venue: Industrial spaces

Couples coming to Italy to get married will always love outdoor weddings but the 2018 trends open doors to industrial-looking venues. They are like blank canvas, where couples can really create their own style and reception décor.

They have a relaxed feel giving a whimsical twist to the wedding!

Flowers: free-form bouquets

In 2018, the bigger the bouquet, the better! While overflow bouquets may evoke images of the early ’90, we are talking a more modern look here. We have now reached a more free-form style.

When it comes to choose colors and variety, foliage and greenery are still on trend but the modern twist is given by a touch of deep burgundy or bright orange.

Decoration: bring on the texture

Assorted linens, macramé, crystals and geometric metallics….it’s all about details! This will enhance guests’ experience and make them remember your wedding for the rest of their life.

Food: alternative ideas

Food truck, Prosecco vans (or the more Tuscan Ape Calessino) outlines a more casual approach that gives a polished touch to the event. Unique food will be a priority from now on (and where if not Tuscany to get married?), the reception will a great moment to enjoy a new food experience. On the menu for 2018 we’ll increasingly see more interactive appetizer stations, farm-to-table dinners and creative desserts.