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08Wedding in Tuscany elopement

Hi wedding addicted!

This is a post for you to discover another type of wedding!

Not a wedding to gossip about nor a 5 star wedding with fireworks, but an intimate wedding between a man and a woman happily in love and together long since!

However, for your big day, you deserve to desire something special even if you met your spouse a long time ago… so just a dream come true with a all in town wedding in Cortona for our Dale and Michelle!

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This intimate wedding had that atmosphere and that charm, somehow spiritual.. an event dedicated to two spouses and that’s it! A few group of relatives and friends and just the two..celebrating their wedding in the beautiful old town hall of the city, having an aperitif by the theatre and banqueting on an amazing terrace over the main town square.

And we liked it to be so! Intimate! An event to fully enjoy with family and friends!In the morning a shy bride started her preparation in a luxury hotel near the town hall of Cortona. So shy that even walking in her beautiful white wedding gown across the main square to the town hall entrance was too much for her! 🙂 Not for our groom Dale…standing ready in the wedding hall, anxious for her bride to come! As Michelle came in.. I could see our groom’s eyes getting moved.. 🙂 So seriously, I cannot say who was the shyest and who the most excited!The ceremony ran smoothly with all participants sitting around the two an event out in front in Cortona town hall! Fortunately the spouses agreed to make the giant staircase to exit the town hall on the main square while their guests were waiting for them down the steps. Even a thrilled kiss halfway across! Perfect for unforgettable romantic memories and our wedding photographer too!! ;)The alfresco aperitif took place at the town theatre while the reception on a beautiful terrace with view over that staircase that just an hour before had blessed this union. With a beautiful seating plan drawn onto a mirror, the table setup was composed of a blue jeans runner on the table, rose petals and candle lights. Colourful strings feell down from the spouses’ chairs. And finally, to adorn the dining table, the unavoidable lavender flower gave everythng a touch of violet just as the groom’s boutonnier, so simple and “Tuscanly” country!Three ancient sites but a hundred of memories, one small pretty town and numerous beautiful spots and charming atmosphere! This is how an all in town wedding in Cortona must be….  A special day and a town uniquely yours for one entire day!!