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Super Tuscan Wedding Planners: Weddings in Tuscany are our passion! Organizing a Tuscan wedding means not only making your Wedding day unique but also rich of experiences! Your Italian Wedding planners in Tuscany will delight you with Tuscan wine tasting, guided tours and unforgettable moments!

Have you ever heard of an all in town weddings (like our Michel &Dale’s wedding)? Well, it was a novelty for us too, but for sure one of our craziest and funniest weddings! Here we’re in the beautiful town of Orvieto, close to Tuscany, so charming and lively!

Let’s start from the beginning! This brilliant couple from South Africa decided to get marry in Italy and no town was more suitable than Orvieto because it is REALLY an amazing town! Lively in every corner, Orvieto has fascinating streets to walk along, smart restaurants and typical shops.. however this wedding is not what we were used to! So keep reading…

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Our bright bride Kerin had a beautiful sleeveless wedding gown on and decided for a sparkling but elegant style with fine jewellery, golden details and shining silver high heels. The vintage blue Fiat 500  car accompanied her from her residence to the beautiful town hall of Orvieto.

After the touching ceremony, the spouses now  husband and wife, along with a small group of friends, visited the amazing theater of the town… Impossible to see something more elegant than the town hall, the theater and the giant outstanding fresco in front of which the spouses immortalized their union!


Then, after this preface, beautiful and lovely as this friendly nice young couple, the real all in town wedding began! Walking happily among the roads of Orvieto and kissing sweetly to celebrate their day, Craig and Kerin enjoyed all corners of the town, especially in front of the giant baroque cathedral of Orvieto.

Funny to see that not everybody was used to these types of weddings, like the cop arguing with Elia, our Super Tuscan man, for our wedding Fiat car to march in town.. 🙂

Well, our couple was kissing so they weren’t disturbed at all on their amazing all in town wedding in Orvieto! Look at the gallery!


Our happy loving couple celebrated bar after bar and pub after pub choosing the smartest locations to drink, cut the wedding cake and fully celebrate with their friends. We had visited the town in advance together with our happy couple and had chosen the perfect locations for their all in town wedding in Orvieto. Not many towns could have offered such an enjoyable wedding day! All adjectives suited to this beautiful town..small, artistic, lively, funny, historical and full of cosy places that had the pleasure to host our Craig and Kerin and honour their vows!

Photography: Amy Turner | Floral Design: Super Tuscan Wedding Planners| Coordination: Super Tuscan Wedding Planners | Place: Tuscany and Orvieto
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