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Cortona is perfect for an intimate wedding in Tuscany!

Super Tuscan intimate wedding in tuscany 7

BRIDE: Nicola | GROOM: James | LOCATION: an intimate wedding in Tuscany | PH: Siobhan Hegarty

Looking for an intimate wedding in Tuscany? Well Cortona is the perfect town to do this! And we’ll explain you why through this real wedding of Nicola and James. They flew to Tuscany to become one only family! Of course they were already and their lovely sweet daughter is witness of this. But to properly celebrate their love, they chose a different place to do it and Tuscany was their dream!

Read more about an intimate all-in-town wedding in Cortona!


A dreadful post about Tuscan wedding prices!

15 Pizza Party Italy destination wedding

Tuscan wedding prices are really a delicate topic! And for sure is one of the most important while deciding to have a wedding in Tuscany! In fact, we are asked this question each time and as you may imagine, there is no a unique answer! This because you all have different needs, number of guests, preferences in style. And we know for sure you want something special for your wedding!

But I don’t really want to discourage you, not at all! Tuscan weddings can be a real dream and we can make it real, together!


Christmas is coming! Get ready for a surprising Christmas engagement!


This couldn’t be a better moment to talk about Christmas gifts and of course before a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany there’s another thing to donate!! And the best gift for a lady in love is definitely having the fiancé on his knees in front of her! Of course we love any romantic wedding in Tuscany but hurray for engagements!

I love taking time to see engagements videos. There are different types, from those composed and intimate to grand, captivating shows in front of a crowd!

Of course surprise factor and secrecy are the 2 key points!! Don’t forget!

So let’s see how yours can be… And most of all, what is your favourite style??


Ask your Italian wedding planners for Italian style wedding ideas

Wedding in Italy1

For any idea you might have, ask your Italian wedding planners! Who else could advise you better than them?

Collect our ideas and yours will be a real Italian style wedding, funny and enjoyable, most of all!

Here are wedding ideas for the groom so, just in case you’re the bride…just hint it to your fiancé! 🙂


Lavender inspired Tuscan Civil Ceremony on Site for Arabella & Robert

08Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany

BRIDE: Arabella | GROOM: Robert | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Cortona | PH: Amy turner

Arabella and Robert decided to get married in Tuscany desiring a simple civil ceremony on site and an intimate group of guests with them. But definitely their willing was to have an amazing wedding day, that’s why they fell in love with a typical Tuscan casale in South East Tuscany, small and perfect for guests and families to spend beautiful days all together.


Wedding flowers and their meaning

Wedding by Super Tuscan wedding Planners

PH: Facibeni

Wondering what the ideal wedding flowers for you are? Here is an idea of flowers, colors and what they mean.



Stepping stones for an amazing wedding in Tuscany!

wedding in Tuscany!

Finding out the best location for a wedding in Tuscany is something you may think easy, but actually is not! There are lots of  possibilities to see wonderful venues but there are a number of  important details to be taken into consideration!

When planning a wedding abroad it’s very important to be able to rely on someone you trust, such as a specialized wedding planner, a person you can rely on for any (really any!) detail of your wedding! Look for the stepping stones to an amazing wedding in Txuscany!


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