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Danielle & Richard, a stuning view, menacing clouds.. and much more!


BRIDE: Danielle | GROOM: Richard | LOCATION: wedding in Valdorcia | PH: Andrea Corsi

A Borgo in the middle of Valdorcia, hidden as a gem, was the perfect frame for this country chic destination wedding! The protagonists of this amazing wedding are Danielle and Richard! Danielle was born in the Kingdom of Bahrein while Richard reached this amazing country only after, just to meet his better half!

Read more to discover! Of course Super Tuscan was their proud Wedding Planners in Tuscany Italy!


Cortona is perfect for an intimate wedding in Tuscany!

Super Tuscan intimate wedding in tuscany 7

BRIDE: Nicola | GROOM: James | LOCATION: an intimate wedding in Tuscany | PH: Siobhan Hegarty

Looking for an intimate wedding in Tuscany? Well Cortona is the perfect town to do this! And we’ll explain you why through this real wedding of Nicola and James. They flew to Tuscany to become one only family! Of course they were already and their lovely sweet daughter is witness of this. But to properly celebrate their love, they chose a different place to do it and Tuscany was their dream!

Read more about an intimate all-in-town wedding in Cortona!


Looking for destination wedding advices? A castle and elegant frescoes can be a good start!


BRIDE: Lindsey | GROOM: Miheer | LOCATION: Tuscan wedding in a castle in Chianti area | PH: Roberto Panciatici

Planning a wedding abroad can be a difficult task but following the example of a couple that did this, can really make you discover the best wedding destination advices!

Lindsey and Miheer are in fact, a lovely couple that choose to have their destination wedding in Tuscany! Anyway they had not only one, but two weddings! And we’re not talking about a reherasal dinner and the wedding day itself, but of two distinct weddings, each one of them following the traditions of our bride and groom. Symbolic the first one, Indian the second!


A wedding in Italy as it must be! Joyous, funny and emotional! These are Stacey and Lawrence!

garden-villa-tuscan-wedding-planners-2-wedding in Italy

BRIDE: Stacey | GROOM: Lawrence | LOCATION: italian tuscan wedding in Italy, Cortona Area | PH: Andrea Corsi

A wedding in Italy every bride&groom could dream of needs definitely to be like the wedding of Stacey&Lawrence!

Read about this sweet, joyous and fresh couple and their wedding in Italy at an amazing villa! Be surrounded by olive trees and enjoy a stunning wide open view over the Tuscan countryside!

For them, a chic style with a mix of gold, aromatic plants and delicious violet flowers… read more!


Sandy & Ed, a day of authentic joy! Read of an italian tuscan wedding in Florence

BRIDE: Sandy | GROOM: Ed| LOCATION: italian tuscan wedding in Florence Area | PH: Fabio Mirulla


In May we celebrated the love of Sandy and Ed, a lovely couple who has decided to get married in Florence. They came from England and they always dreamed of a special italian tuscan wedding, guaranteeing also a wonderful break with great food, scenery, culture and entertainment to their guests. (more…)

Megan & Ian..from England to Tuscany for a traditional wedding!


BRIDE: Megan | GROOM: Ian| LOCATION: wedding in TUSCANY – Area Chianti | PH: Paul Fuller

This is the real wedding in Tuscany Italy of Megan and Ian, a young couple flown from England with their family and friends for a relaxed wedding in the countryside of Tuscany!

Why traditional? Because the venue they chose was able to accommodate them all, like a real family, all together for 3 days of festivities! And what about the style? Well a mix of it!

Read more about their Tuscan wedding!


Christmas is coming! Get ready for a surprising Christmas engagement!


This couldn’t be a better moment to talk about Christmas gifts and of course before a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany there’s another thing to donate!! And the best gift for a lady in love is definitely having the fiancé on his knees in front of her! Of course we love any romantic wedding in Tuscany but hurray for engagements!

I love taking time to see engagements videos. There are different types, from those composed and intimate to grand, captivating shows in front of a crowd!

Of course surprise factor and secrecy are the 2 key points!! Don’t forget!

So let’s see how yours can be… And most of all, what is your favourite style??


Monica&Jesse & The Renaissance at their Wedding in Tuscany

wedding in Tuscany

The charm of a Renaissance villa is something unmistakable and irresistible! And it is for this reason that over the years many couples have chosen this venue for their wedding in Tuscany, each of them looking for that authenticity that only a 1300 villa can give.
And not only! This beautiful venue, in addition to being the house where Leonardo muse, the famous Mona Lisa (or Gioconda!!) was born, is also a winery and therefore the perfect setting to drink a a glass of red wine (Chianti of course!) while looking at the same soil that produced it, smelling the aroma of the earth, the grapes and greeneries that Tuscany offers to awaken all the senses in a blink of an eye. There’s even more! Read about Monica and Jesse and their wedding in Tuscany..


Late September Wedding in Tuscany..Cortona, a borgo and much more!

Wedding in Tuscany

BRIDE: Kathleen | GROOM: Ben | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Cortona | PH: David Plas

It’s easy to say.. “let’s have our wedding in Tuscany!”, especially when Italy starts to be a part of you.. time after time, journey after journey, sunset after sunset and you fall in love with it! And this is what happened to our lovely Kathleen and Ben that from Belgium flew to Tuscany to find in a small family-owned borgo the perfect background for their wedding. Read about their romantic Tuscan wedding!


Elia & Arianna : romantic engagement in Tuscany

21Romantic engagement in Tuscany

BRIDE TO BE : Arianna | GROOM TO BE : Elia (Our boss :-)) | LOCATION: TUSCANY –  CortonaPH: Anny Photography

Elia, the “Super Tuscan Wedding Guru” is getting married with his beautiful fiance Arianna, the Super Tuscan Wedding Planners designer.

After nine years of love this cute couple decided to say yes on the 3rd of August 2016.

Waiting for this precious day, our guys have done a romantic engagement in Tuscany.


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