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Wedding in Tuscany flowers

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PH: Facibeni

When planning a wedding in Tuscany many of you may think that you won’t be needing to decorate with many flowers because the scenery is amazing regardless and you are partially right about that, but let me explain…

I say you are partially right because yes, the scenery in Tuscany is breathtaking but you have to think that it’s mostly trees and bushes which are lovely but they don’t usually add much color to your day!

If you decide to have a symbolic or civil ceremony outside for your wedding in Tuscany, you will be surrounded by stunning views, greenery and maybe some flowers and sunflower fields, in any case you will want some flowers to decorate the altar and the chairs.

Are you planning to have a religious ceremony in church? even more reason to make sure you have some blooms dotted around…flowers add color and make everything look a little more festive and fun.

You will be wanting a wedding bouquet and flower compositions to decorate the reception tables… at this point you are probably starting to realize that you actually will need more flowers than you had initially envisioned for your wedding in Tuscany. Don’t worry. We are here to help! If you give us an idea of the kind of flowers you like or the look that you would like to give to your wedding day we will send you suggestions and some visual ideas of what everything will look like on your big day.

Just look at the photos from any wedding and you will realize that floral decorations really do help set the mood and make a difference on your wedding day! You can even create a wedding theme based around flowers.

One thing we do suggest is this: try to choose seasonal flowers. This will help you to not break the bank and your wedding in Tuscany will have a more natural feel to it.



Wedding Theme for your wedding in Tuscany

370Wedding-in-Tuscany-CortonaPH: Lisa Poggi

So, you have decided to get married in Tuscany, that’s fantastic!

The obvious choice for a wedding in Tuscany is a country theme and this is something we are really passionate about, but don’t think that this is the only feel you can give to a wedding in Tuscany.

Every theme can be interpreted in many different ways, our team has created a great number of country themed wedding and every one of them is unique because we add each couple’s taste to the equation and at the end of the day, each one is amazing in it’s own way.


Stepping stones for an amazing wedding in Tuscany!

wedding in Tuscany!

Finding out the best location for a wedding in Tuscany is something you may think easy, but actually is not! There are lots of  possibilities to see wonderful venues but there are a number of  important details to be taken into consideration!

When planning a wedding abroad it’s very important to be able to rely on someone you trust, such as a specialized wedding planner, a person you can rely on for any (really any!) detail of your wedding! Look for the stepping stones to an amazing wedding in Txuscany!


The chic side of a country wedding in Italy!


Tuscany has always been in everybody’s imaginary a place where olive groves and vineyards outline the horizon, typical Tuscan “casale” are spread everywhere like spots in the wide yellow&green wheat fields and traditions are still present in everyday life. But actually Tuscany is so, this is why when you want to realize an authentic country wedding in Italy, Tuscany is the first place that comes in mind!

But Tuscany is not only a place for authentic country weddings, Tuscany is a mix of styles and historic corners that reflect years of old farming traditions and elegant noble inheritance. As a matter of fact, each wedding in Tuscany have both characteristics, those of the rural lovely decorations but in the meantime of chic details! See more about our tips and discover the chic side of a country wedding in Italy!


Make it funny! Read our tips for a perfect wedding in Tuscany!

 wedding in Tuscany

Getting married in Tuscany is something that immediately evoke in you relaxing moments, peaceful feelings and maybe the laughs echoed in company of your family and friends. Yes, this is a wedding in Tuscany! But why would you get married in Italy? (more…)

Find the perfect location for your wedding in Florence and not just !


Having a wedding in Tuscany is mainly a dream for most of all brides&grooms. And this is the question.. Do you think that realizing a dream is so difficult? Our answer is no.. You just need a bit of patience! Let’s start finding the perfect Tuscan venue! And reality may go beyond your dreams! Have you ever imagine that?

Looking at venues just in photos is not respectful to how beautiful they are in reality! The atmosphere, the Tuscan air, the excitement of visiting a venue that could be yours for your wedding day, are just some of the emotions you’ll experience when visiting venues.

But of course a previous selection must be made and these are our suggestions!


Super Tuscan Wedding Planners come to Dubai

A warm wedding in Italy in autumn! See it, love it, make it!

01Autumn-Wedding-in-Tuscany copiaA wedding in Italy can be smart, country, chic or luxurious…of course! But there’s always room to play! In this post, the atmosphere changes.. we talk about a warm, cosy, comfortable sensation of familiar ambiances! Not for this reason less fashionable and exciting.. We’re talking about some autumn inspirations for a wedding in Italy!!


Nerys and Andrew and their wedding in Montepulciano countryside

Super Tuscan wedding planners Real weddingsBRIDE: Nerys

GROOM: Andrew


PH: Marco Miglianti

23Wedding in Italy Montepulciano

Tuscany is a dreamy destination for weddings of many of you and here we tell you about Nerys and Andrew, two like you who decided to enjoy Tuscany 360 degree…with a civil wedding in thebeautiful town hall of Cortona and then with a reception in the countryside of Montepulciano. Worthless to say how beautiful it was to enjoy two parts of Tuscany, the most famous little town for Italian style weddings, Cortona and the second one, the most famous land for Italian red wines, Montepulciano! 🙂

A wedding in Cortona or a wedding in Montepulciano?? Well, both!! 😀


Provençal wedding in Italy – Provence meets Tuscany

provenzale wedding style in Tuscany 2 copiaA wedding in Italy is not always the same so read about this new combination!!

Somebody defines them sisters even if they’ve got different cultures, different idioms and they’re located not properly in the same place.. we’re talking about Tuscany and Provence, the first a real amazing place whose hills and vineyards rolls in everybody’s mind, the second is Provence, the beautiful and famous land of extended violet lavender fields!

Two lands where chic and country get together in a beautiful enchanting mix, just find out those romantic country-houses lost in the nature and see the beautiful details they carefully hide!

In this post we show you how Provence meets Tuscany (or Tuscany meets Provence?) in these beautiful settings of a “Provençal” wedding in Italy!


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