0-wedding-in-florence-by-super-tuscan-wedding-plannersBRIDE: Neda | GROOM: Saj| LOCATION of this chic wedding in TUSCANY – Firenze | PH: Lisa Poggi

There are things in life that you can’t know and control … probably these are the most important ones! Here at Super Tuscan Wedding Planners, on our everyday life of Wedding Planner in Tuscany, we follow this philosophy: ” It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”. That’s what we thought when we first met Neda and Saj, a lovely couple originally from Iran but living in London.
Let’s focus on their chic wedding in Tuscany…

We visited together their ideal wedding Venue, an amazing Castle, few minutes from Florence city center and we selected the best suppliers. The Challenge they proposed was really simple but at the same time really cool: organize three days of classy, informal and memorable events in Florence, including their dream Wedding in Tuscany of course! We planned together each small detail to get the result of an amazing Summer weekend of joy in Florence and we succeeded in making real Neda e Saj’s dream: a romantic, cool, crazy and funny chic wedding in Tuscany!

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Here below Highlights from the day:

The preparation of the Bride and Groom took place in Florence historical center. All the guests were getting ready to attend Saj and Neda’s Wedding in Tuscany! This was just the perfect background to let each memory stay in their minds forever.

As soon as guests arrived at the Castle, at the warm sound of a great String Quartet, everyone was ready to welcome Bride & Groom.

The ceremony has been magic, performed in the medieval cloister on the traditional way of Persian wedding ceremony, accompanied by a Santoor, played to recreate the right Iranian atmosphere!

The cocktail hour was really refreshing moment, after the touching one of the Ceremony!

As I said above, there are things in life that you can’t know and control. Some of them are good, but we talk of weather! We couldn’t imagine such a storm coming! Just at the end of aperitif, we came across the biggest rain pouring of the last few years. In an hour, from the sky fell the amount of rain we usually see in Florence during 2 months. Power went out, panic spread, a tree fell on the street to reach the Castle and, obviously, people freaked out a bit! It was up to us to try to restore order, and so we did, calming spouses and guests down and by setting up the transports again, using an alternative street! When finally power came back, everyone headed to dinner with one more exciting experience to tell.

The Wedding dinner has been absolutely classy, perfectly matching with the mood of  the chic wedding in Tuscany Neda & Saj desired… just wow factor decoration and flower compositions with stunning architectural lighting. The Gipsy trio playing was just ideal to warm up the atmosphere before the after dinner!!

And the after dinner arrived! All the guests where ready to dance and have fun in the perfect frame of the castle courtyard.

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Basically, a perfect chic wedding in Tuscany organized with amazing wedding vendors in a dream wedding venue and with all the love and passion we have and that all our team always put in organizing a wedding in Tuscany !

All is well that ends well! In spite of the adverse weather, this was a really unforgettable wedding! Not only we accepted the challenge, but Super Tuscan Wedding Planner completed the mission: guests were pleased with everything and Neda & Saj were deeply happy! And after their yes, they will be happily ever after!

Are you dreaming of a chic wedding in Tuscany? Ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!

Florence Chic Wedding In Tuscany