Christmas is coming, your engagement in Tuscany too!!!

Best wedding proposal italy. jpgChristmas is coming and it’s time to think to the perfect gift to give to your partner! How many times was it a pullover for him or some kitchen tools for her? day in your life it could be also nice to donate him/her….the most romantic moment par excellence, the engagement!

Engagements are themselves soooo romantic moments! And these cannot be spent near the shining Christmas tree with a pullover or a saucepan in the hands (better a ring of course!)..

Engagements are experiences to be fully lived along with your partner!

And if you ever are in Italy for Christmas, the atmosphere will be more than romantic… guaranteed! 🙂

At Christmas the centres of the town shines bright for lights, stars and all lively decorations of the streets and shops!! The atmosphere couldn’t be so warm..even if it’s freezing cold sometimes.

But think of an engagement in Tuscany..the marvellous cities of Florence, Siena, Arezzo or the small town of Cortona or San Gimignano have all those characteristics to make your engagement unique!

What could be so different?? Well of course you’ll be living a dream if this happens everywhere (also while holding a pan!) …but having it in Italy is something magic. And remember that these moments will live forever in your mind! So why to not make it special?


Tuscan cities and small towns are something really magic in Italy for Christmas..for the medieval witnesses on the walls, art pieces at every corner, the electric atmosphere, lively squares and shining lights spread through all corners!! So while having your holiday, find out the perfect moment also for an engagement in Tuscany!


Have you ever seen those Flash Mobs videos where all the town is engaged in making the biggest surprise ever to the future bride??? I just love them!

This could be an option for those of you who love being always on focus of all the attention! 🙂

Instead, for those of you who love to stay more intimate, I suggest you these spots..I just love them all!! Visiting the jewelleries on Ponte Vecchio (the old bridge) in Florence, going up the towers of San Gimignano and looking the amazing panorama from on high, sitting down in the middle of Piazza del Campo Square in Siena or staring at the amazing panorama from Cortona high hill. Just unique spots to make also your engagement in Tuscany unique!


Or even why not a sort of treasure hunt with the complicity of a wedding planner in Tuscany (like Super Tuscan Wedding Planners! 😉 )… I’m talking about some red roses “magically” donated by a stranger in the street, some romantic songs played live by a band “magically” appeared out of the corner or a shining ring appeared “magically” on top of a tower..


Complicity makes you live these moments.. so ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners for an engagement in Tuscany! The most “magical” for sure and long-lasting memories of your life!


Super Tuscan Wedding Planners wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new Year!!!!!

With love, always!! <3


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