Civil Tuscan wedding…on site or not? Tuscan venue vs. Medieval Town hall

Wedding ceremony in Italy

Getting married in Tuscany implies lots of commitments…of course you’re getting married (the biggest commitment ever!) but you need to decide about the location of your wedding, accommodation, style, design, transportation, activities….I could continue all day but there’s an easier way, at least, to avoid some stress. Having a binding union in Italy is not a complicate thing, just ask us! But first of all a Tuscan wedding is all about locations!

18Stunning Bride for wedding in Val d'orcia Italy 19Luxury wedding in Italy Florence 10Luxury wedding in Italy Florence03Wedding in Italy sunflowers 04Wedding in Italy sunflowers 05Wedding in Italy sunflowers 03Wedding in italy - civil ceremony 09Wedding in italy - civil ceremonyThe numberless medieval villages in Tuscany are amazing for an authentic experience! Old walls, ancient buildings, towers to make you admire the valley!! All these romantic places were once all defensive means! Well luckily they’re not anymore and can be enjoyed by all of you during your wedding stay in Italy! <3 The same medieval villages are beautiful in wedding portfolios and the charm of organizing a wedding in a so old town is simply magic!


There are other chances though, to have a Tuscan civil wedding. Beautiful venues are at disposal to make you celebrate your civil Tuscan wedding on site. The beautiful yards and panoramas of a villa will be the cosiest ambiance to enjoy and relax with your family and all your guests the wedding ceremony and the night party afterwards!


Not an easy decision to take but have a look at our proposals, hope they inspire you!! 🙂


The two choices imply completely different planning but don’t worry, after all, if you choose a civil Tuscan wedding on site (on the yards of an amazing venue!), the time for a holiday “in (medieval) town” is always possible! And if you want to get married in an ancient town like San Gimignano or Cortona, it will be another wonderful choice to proudly take!

After all, it’s your wedding and all your wishes will be granted!

And you, what do you choose? Tuscan civil wedding on site or not??


Ask for suggestions! Super Tuscan Wedding Planners and your Tuscan wedding are at fingertips!

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