BRIDE: Danielle | GROOM: Richard | LOCATION: wedding in Valdorcia | PH: Andrea Corsi

A Borgo in the middle of Valdorcia, hidden as a gem, was the perfect frame for this country chic destination wedding! The protagonists of this amazing wedding are Danielle and Richard! Danielle was born in the Kingdom of Bahrein while Richard reached this amazing country only after, just to meet his better half!

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Both in love with sports, they had the same sporting attitude in life and not only. In fact, Danielle and Richard have alwasy been very relaxed regarding the planning! Also two visits were enough to clear their doubts and make sure everything fitted their vision! This first picture already gives a hint of how it was!!

Together with their 70 guests, Danielle and Richard chose a typical borgo as wedding venue. The borgo secluded on top of a hill commanded a beautiful view of Valdorcia, a wonderful Tuscan area to get lost in. The borgo covered a wide spaces so to give our bride and groom mny spots for the different moments of the day.

From the first medieval building, guests could walk down to the pool passing through the Italian garden, then the main sqaure with a beautiful dominant oak and down by the church path to finally, reach the pool dominated by a wide-open view on rolling hills and a magnificent sky.

When finally the wedding day arrived, all was perfectly planned but as always happens.. Rain is the only thing that cannot be planned!

Nothwistanding the menacing clouds, Danielle and Richard, light-hearted as always, spent beautiful hours smiling and laughing each one respectively with their maids and groomsmen. In addition, the visits of relatives added even more happiness to those hours.

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When finally, the planned ceremony time arrived, the rain came down. Not a real problem for our Danielle and Richard whose words in this moment were just Inshallah (for “God willing”).

And as happens with rains, God pushed back a bit the ceremony. But excitement was high and notwithstanding few drops, all guests took their seats and Danielle arrived arm in arm with her father.

A friend of the couple conducted the ceremony utilizing his talents as an orator, actor and general crowd pleaser. Green umbrellas everywhere but the joy stayed the same! And when finally clouds and rain went away, it was time for an aperitif by the Italian garden. Danielle’s uncles delighted guests with their music while guests enjoyed a tasty food and Prosecco served buffet style.

All guests spent this moments with a smile on their faces. And the beautiful delicate light after the rain was perfect to create the right atmosphere to let Danielle and Richard take some private shots in the countryside around the borgo.

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For dinner, guests could enjoy a stunning E shaped table with a garland of olive leaves and candles. With the big oak wrapped with fairy lights that covered also the square all looked like a fairy tale.

The atmosphere was warm and intimate. All the 70 guests were like one taking part to many many toasts to celebrate Danielle and Richard’s love! After dinner, time to play a funny shoe game with Bride & Groom and then, for a super wedding cake! And, for sure, time for dancing to conclude an unforgettable wedding day with the stunning landscapes of Val d’Orcia all around!

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We can’t be prouder of this wedding, especially after the beautiful review our bride and groom left us! As their Wedding Planners in Tuscany Italy, we couldn’t be happier to read we made their wedding vision real. A really amusing and relaxed wedding notwithstanding the soft rain! These thanks to a smiling couple, their lovely parents, relatives and friends, their funny spechees (unforgettable!) and carefree dances!

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