LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Montepulciano | PH: Andrea Corsi |

When we look at wedding photos we are used to see happiness and beauty in the faces, in the looks, in the expressions of people. It’s true, eyes do talk but we can find the beauty of life in details and love as well shows itself in the details! So, with this post we want to pay the details the attention they deserve, with the respect they deserve!

The photos you are about to see are taken at one of our Tuscan Wedding, in April, at Montepulciano.

The ceremony took place at the stunning San Biagio Church in Montepulciano. It’s easy to appreciate the details of this wonderful church, an example of Renaissance Greek cross central plan. You can just zoom the pictures of the church below and be absorbed in the atmosphere that these details can create. Just imagine how magic is to get married there… bride and groom, guests, all small figures in the highest frame of all that art!7-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulcianosuper-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulciano-08-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulcianosuper-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulciano-2super-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulciano-316-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulciano15-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-montepulciano

As you know, we have chosen not to show people expressions and to focus on details, but we were there and we can guarantee you that it has been a day full of deep emotions and of joyful smiles. Someone said that ‘colors are the smiles of nature’, so here are some “smiles” for you…


And now, let’s be inspired by gestures that sometimes mean more than words and gazes… Being close, hugging, walking hand in hand toward a radiant future together, surrounded by the stunning garden of this perfect Venue in Tuscany.


Quoting Oscar Wilde “Only what is fine, and finely conceived can feed love”. If you think that all the details you’ve just seen have been finely conceived, we have reached our goal! And maybe you’ll be surprised to find out that all the wedding was set up just in a month! When you want to make your wedding dream come true, all things are possible and time is not a limit. Do you feel like you are running out of time? Super Tuscan Wedding Planners are here to help!