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Tuscan wedding prices are really a delicate topic! And for sure is one of the most important while deciding to have a wedding in Tuscany! In fact, we are asked this question each time and as you may imagine, there is no a unique answer! This because you all have different needs, number of guests, preferences in style. And we know for sure you want something special for your wedding!

But I don’t really want to discourage you, not at all! Tuscan weddings can be a real dream and we can make it real, together!

Having an idea of Tuscan wedding prices is something really difficult to determine! Especially because we are at the very beginning of the planning! But we have tools and guidelines to use and to follow, don’t worry!

The tool to determine a first breakdown of costs is definitely an excel file. I know I know..some of you may say they’re boring. But they really save your finances! Moreover, they are a perfect way to keep track of all decision taken so far and of costs implied in a unique doc!

In this document (and we have a wonderful one ready for you!!) you need to include all wedding details. So start with timing, vendors and their service details and price split into deposit and balances.

It’s not that difficult to create one at first but when you go further, I assure you it gets giant! Therefore, having a professional to support you really saves you from night headaches starting at 5 months before the wedding! 🙂

Be careful we won’t speak now about the day before and day after but only on the wedding day!

Said that, let’s try divide costs into categories!

Costs that depend on the number of guests


So, the first type of costs will increase or decrease according to the number of your guests. These costs are:

the catering*: If you have 200 guests don’t expect an elegant reception at the same cost of a trattoria..

marquees (tents): you always need some and it’s the best investment you can do instead of ruining your day (and all your dresses and make-up and hair etc etc..) under the rain.

the florist: more guests mean more tables and more flowers..but aromatic plants can always save a bit your finances and maintain the rustic style of our beautiful Tuscany! Also more bridesmaids mean more bouquets, but do you rely want to save on bridesmaids? Save on groomsmen 🙂 Just joking!

stationery and wedding favors find place in this category but they don’t really impact your budget if you spend €100 more in menus, place cards and favours.

I may include the venue cost in this category! Having a venue that can accommodate all of your guests or most of all, makes you spend more but it gives you an advantage on transportation costs! If you have a ceremony on site (may it be symbolic, religious or civil), you don’t need to move everybody to different locations.

Of course, if you have guests staying outside the venue, it will be really polite of yours to offer them a bus to go and pick them up and get back at night. It’s not a saving so far but what if they want to use their own car (so advice them this way!!)? This give them more flexibility..and saves you from an additional expense! 🙂

Lighting (I mean strings of lights, uplighting etc) is also an expense in between this two categories because if you choose a big venue..lights will be for sure needed! But don’t save on this..these really create a magic atmosphere at night, see, to believe!

Costs that don’t depend on the guests number

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The second category of costs instead includes those which don’t change whether you have few or many guests! These services include the photographer, videographer, hair stylist and make-up artist, the celebrant, a wedding car if needed, and music throughout the day! Now that you are concentrating on the budget let me tell you that..

There are no services less important than others!


Remember, it’s your day and one only in your lifetime! If you end up spending more than you expect, rest assured it worths. Having good vendors really makes you, your fiancé, and all your guests experience a perfect unforgettable Tuscan wedding!

So now that you have these hints regarding Tuscan wedding prices, calculate your budgets! And when you get stuck, contact us! We love planning Tuscan weddings!

After all, we’re Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!