Dream locations provided by real italian wedding planners

Wedding in Tuscany

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When planning  a wedding the location for the ceremony and the venue are really important!

Our Italian wedding planners will help you find the perfect place based on your taste. Just sit back and let us show you around some of these breathtaking locations!

05Wedding in Florence

A castle or an historic villa could prove to be an enchanting setting for your wedding.

If you like historical buildings with a touch of pure elegance this is the ideal place for you!

We’re sure our italian wedding planners won’t need to show you many of these venues before you find the one you fall in love with.

19Italian wedding planners

Are you planning on having an intimate countryside wedding? if so we think that a country house is the perfect venue for you.

Ask our Italian wedding planners to take you into the amazing countryside to discover these quiet and rustic wedding locations that can accommodate you and your guests for the duration of your stay.

33Italian wedding planners

Any of our Italian wedding planners will tell you Burg is the perfect location if you are thinking of having a large wedding. A burg consists of a fortified settlement that is ideal for accommodating both you and your guests and also for having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place. This takes away all the stress that could be caused by having to get a large number of people to another location on your big day.

30Italian wedding planners

If you were thinking of having a very intimate wedding, why not get our Italian wedding planners to show you some exclusive and elegant villas where you can just enjoy each others company? Soak up some of that Tuscan sun by the pool whilst sipping on some of those world famous Italian wines.


Whatever setting you think you may like for your wedding, here at  super Tuscan wedding planners we’ll do our best to make sure you find the location you have been dreaming of.

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