“Ecovillage”, “School of nature” or “Eco-wedding venue for a Tuscan wedding”? Ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners.

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When I have to present a venue, what interests me most is not only the beauty of the surrounding nature or the design of the interiors but most of all the story of a place and the emotions it moves in me! This burg is not only a ” beautiful wedding venue for your Tuscan Wedding” but it’s made of people, good intentions, love and art. Somebody calls it “Ecovillage” or “The school of Nature” but there’s much more to say about it! Read what Super Tuscan Wedding Planners have to say about!

Located in the surroundings of Volterra, it rises this small burg made of antique traditional Tuscan rock houses and villas of the XII century. The location was magic at the beginning of its entire story and now with that magic has become a real eco-village and school of nature!


Its creator “invented” it almost 8 years ago transmitting to its creature his passion for culture, history and art. He wanted to experiment a particular form of co-living based on eco-sustainability and on being independent with energy and food. Not an easy purpose, but their tenants are succeeding in this and put their noble house at disposal for you to have your Tuscan wedding!

Not even a simple ambiance if you think to the beautiful environment made of woods, olive groves, fields, beautiful gardens next to the main villa, the swimming pool dug into the rocks and the elegance of the old noble properties!


This new perspective has given the burg a new impulse..towards old times with no bureaucracy but maintaining their noble facades and services!!


Its tenants are also planning an artisan laboratory and an area for horses and cows, ideal for children to have experiences and fun at the open air and in contact with the nature!


Beside the ethic of the village, this splendid burg gives also importance to its spirituality and culture. Didn’t I tell you that this place is ideal for symbolic or religious Tuscan weddings?? 😉


And the reasons that moved these people to build all this haven’t to be found in politics, religions or gurus, but in friendship that link each member to the other since the very beginning of the project.

A sense of antique relations and solidarity hovers in this place and the people living in this magnificent Tuscan burg deserved all our support!


This same group of people will also welcome you at your arrival at the villa. And they will be happy and proud to be part of your wedding story!! And they will organize for you also courses with “eco-themes”, art workshops, receptions and parties as well! 🙂


Just ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners for your Tuscan wedding!


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