18Romantic wedding in Tuscany

Hi I’m Arianna, the bride … Yes, that is right! we have decided to get married in Tuscany, our homeland! If you’re curious to see a real wedding planner’s wedding continue to read this post!


I can’t never have the right words to describe the most beautiful day of my life. probably my english isn’t perfect but… I assure you this day was!
Helped by our great Team, Germana & Simona, my husband (Elia STWP owner) and I have enjoyed this amazing wedding day… All in the enchanting frame of Tuscan hills and vineyards. We have planned our wedding following our origins, infact I was born in Sicily and Elia is a Tuscan DOCG man ;-). We have done a touch of my homeland, Sicily, in all the details. Starting from my dress, designed by me and realized by my friend Patrizia Cavalleri stylist from Milan. To create the draft, I have been inspired by the famous italian stylists Dolce & Gabbana (Sicilian guys :-D). Even Elia has realized his dress homemade from a great tuscan stylist, Sartoria Semolini and by a creative local dressmaker (Nada) for his extravagant shirt!
In the buffet you could find Arancine di riso (rice’s supplì, tipical sicilian starters) and “crostino nero” (bread with goose patè, tipical tuscan starter). We have enjoyed Parmigiana di melanzane (for Sicily) and Filetto in crosta (for Tuscany) but for the cake…. we have done our best : layer cake composed with one layer of ” cannoli ” and one layer of ” millefoglie ” ! and I do not say more!
I felt in love for for the giant paper flowers and I have used it for our tableau marriage, reused after dinner as background for our photo booth. The chandeliers hanging only on the Top table and the bright trees, contributed to create a perfect and romantic atmosphere… and wath about the LOVE bright letters ?

Considering the amazing views all around,  I set few stylish corners with vintage sofà, in different style, for aperitif and even for after dinner.
I can go on longer but… just stop with writing and enjoy this pictures!

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