Emma and Jeff loving each other in the streets of Cortona

Super Tuscan wedding planners Real weddingsBRIDE: Emma

GROOM: Jeffrey


PH: Lisa poggi


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Emma&Jeff’s Big Day started with a thrilled encounter in Cortona in front of the theatre, just to smell the lively air of the early morning on their wedding day. Yes they were there..and she had the wedding dress he would have never seen before the ceremony! Quite strange I know but so cute that they wanted to firstly join together, in silence, without any other, just her and him before that blessing to take place! Firstly Cortona and then a nice olive grove became the lovely setting of their wedding portfolio, then they moved to Umbria to finally become wife & husband!!!

Once again back in the venue, the bridesmaids happily toasted with the bride and helped her to add the final garnishments to the wedding dress and then just joyful moments!! A symbolic union so strong and powerful that it deserves to be considered a WEDDING (yes, in capital letters!!)!

Everything had been cured to the last detail and it was a pleasure for us to plan the wedding of such a lovely couple!

After the ceremony the rain started falling down, but the spouses already knew it..that’s why on the day before they offered their guests an alfresco rehearsal dinner in the venue gardens, just to make them make them feel at ease and enjoy a beautiful starry night before the storm arrival.

On the wedding day instead, the amazing church that just some hours before had celebrated this couple, was set for a mystic wedding reception! ☺ Very charming and beautiful on its own! The candle lights then made all blissful!

At the end, a wonderful wedding..joyful and with the close friends and family you have always wanted to share your wedding in Cortona!

2 Comments on Emma and Jeff loving each other in the streets of Cortona

  1. Diane Rossi
    July 10, 2014 at 10:31 (5 years ago)

    This is one of my very favourite couples! Emma and Jeff are charming and it was a real honour to have been their Celebrant:) Thank-you again Elia for inviting me!

    • Elia
      July 10, 2014 at 11:41 (5 years ago)

      Yes a really charming couple! And for me it was a pleasure too having you by to bless their love!


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