Fairytale wedding in Italy for Tania and Andrew

prova2BRIDE: Tania

GROOM: Andrew


PH: This Modern love

11Wedding in Italy - Assisi

A symbolic wedding, simple but the happiest day for Tania and Andrew that got married waved by the soft breeze and the green hills of Umbria in front of their loving families.

Read about Tania&Andrew’s wedding in Italy and relive with them their emotions!

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A fresh morning welcomed the guests and Tania couldn’t look happier in her beautiful sleeveless lace wedding dress embellished with pearls and lots of lovely fine embroideries.

A shining smile on her face while looking out of the window at the beautiful day (and life!) in front of her and her future husband.


A symbolic ceremony kissed by the sun and the warm words of family members and closest friends. With a sexy décolleté and a radiant look, Tania got married to her Andrea, wearing a brilliant blue suit. Love is so natural and the decision to include the Umbrian green valleys in this beautiful memories, has been the right choice.

It all looked like a picture but it was realer than ever!


The celebrations after the ceremony had the same familiar style. Cheers and laughs echoed in the valley while the bride and the groom enjoyed some moments alone after their forever “I do”s.


Umbria offered them lots of enchanting beautiful sights and romance was perceivable in the air. During these moments the couple felt again as one soul especially now that they were wife and husband!


A long table with lovely white&green details in nice coffe&sugar jars with green veronica flowers and lovely white flowers, make the wedding table set up funny and friendly! A small rosemary branch adorned each white napkins. The evening celebrated the protagonists of this day until the very begin of the party. Colours, lights and music filled in the night, electric and enjoyable for all participants and most of all for our Tania&Andrew!

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