A gay wedding in Tuscany: the first and most amazing of our lives!

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01Gay Wedding in Tuscany Italy

Elia Moretti and his “Super Tuscan Wedding Planners” company had the honor and pleasure of organizing its first gay wedding in Tuscany last September. In fact, it’s probably one of the first gay weddings in all of Tuscany. And we all worked with a wonderful couple: Andrea & Seth!

This is Arianna, Elia’s partner in life and creative mind of the Super Tuscan company..and I’m going to tell you my first gay wedding, as a person and as a wedding planner!

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At this historic moment when Italy is poised to legalize the union between two same-sex people, Elia and I felt we needed to raise our voice of support and be a part of the early gay weddings in Italy. We worked to organize their symbolic wedding ceremony and beautiful events before and after the wedding day. For many of the Italian guests, it was the first gay wedding ceremony they’d attended.

As always we, the wedding planners, had a great connection to the wedding and shared in much of the emotion of the union!


From the very first time Elia met with Andrea and Seth, the Grooms! The connection between them, was really strong. Elia immediately gained their full trust through a number of Skype conversations as they were planning much of the country from overseas. The planning lasted more than a year so it was intense and there were not filters!


The guys wanted to trumpet their love through four days of entertaining and unforgettable events. Many of the guests travelled from around the world (every continent except for Antarctica!) so they wanted guests to really get to know and love Tuscany.


I in person took care of the event design and overall appearance while being careful to reflect the style and taste of our couple.

First, I wanted to understand Seth and Andrea’s taste (as it was our first gay wedding, two men were a bit harder to manage as with two women I’d probably felt less scared :))

Elia provided me with a lot of information but I wanted to get to know them in the flesh.

When we met for the first time – it was love at first sight!

The couple had clear ideas in mind and it was really simple for me to add my “personal/stylish touch” at every moment. They offered their thoughts and then trusted me.


Our personal assistant Germana supported us in our work, coordinating our team on site during the event and staying with Andrea and Seth for the four days of events we had organized. Meanwhile, Elia was busy with all of the logistics and public relations. I focused on the special touches.


This is what we had planned for them:

On the first day, we put together a special dinner at a vineyard for forty of their closest friends. We toured the vineyard and tasted the famous Montepulciano wine. Dinner was early-autumn themed with everything coming fresh from the farm surrounding the vineyard.


On the second day, we held a typical Tuscan lunch outside at an olive oil grove and vineyard. That evening we had a welcome aperitif and a barbecue dinner.


On the wedding day (day three) we organized guided tours of Arezzo during the morning so that guests could get to know the city. Then guests gathered for a Prosecco toast and were lead to an outside location where the couple said their “I do’s!” The eclectic wedding ceremony included traditions from around the world including a Burmese water ceremony in honor of the country where they fell in love. The dinner – under the stars – featured food typical of Tuscany. The guests ate dinner while a string quartet played and tenor sang. The wedding table set was really appreciated and the grooms added their personal touch with very original placeholders! Then we moved to the pool for dessert and dancing that went into the night!


On the fourth day, the couple and their guests had an extended brunch and guests relaxed by the pool. Then, sixty guests went into Arezzo to enjoy the famous medieval show “the Saracino” followed by dinner at a local restaurant.


I can assure you that everything worked perfectly – but it was not simple to pull it off!


One of the most particular take-aways from this wedding was the naturalness of the grooms and the guests. The great love in the air that linked the couple and their friends and family, could be felt by everyone working on the event.


We saw a great strength in these guys and the other same sex couples who were there as guests as they showed that love surpassed social tradition.


We were left with the feelings of love, renewed energy and willingness to fully live our time together!


Elia and I and The “Super Tuscan Wedding Planners” team thanks Andrea & Seth for having chosen us and giving us the opportunity to really understand how love can transcend borders, languages, and sexuality.

The official photos are still being completed by photographer, Andrea Corsi but we’ll soon publish another article with the details (and photos) of this unforgettable party.

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  1. Rachel
    May 1, 2016 at 16:18 (3 years ago)

    My partner Joanne and I (Rachel) were engaged under the gorgeous Tuscan sun at Agriturismo Baccoleno
    We are now wanting to be married or civil unioned at the same venue June 2017 with approx 40 friends and family.
    Is this something you may be able to help organise?
    Thank you


    • Elia
      May 13, 2016 at 15:49 (3 years ago)

      Hi Rachel,
      thank you for your comment! I’m sending you an email to talk about your wedding!
      Germana, Super tuscan Wedding Planners Team


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