Wedding shoes

It is well known that shoes are kind of an addiction for most women! As a song says: “I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right!”. When we think of the wedding day, every Bride has to take her decision on shoes seriously! Is it better to stick to comfort? Or is it better to stick to fashion? High heels or flats? White classic shoes or something different?

It’s all a matter of tastes, but sometimes trends play a role too! We have collected a lot of wedding shoes pictures from our weddings, just to show you that the right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself. A woman can wear confidence on her feet with a high stiletto or with a comfortable soft ballet flat!

White wedding shoes

White is a spread choice as for wedding shoes. It matches perfectly with a classic wedding dress, bringing brightness and simplicity! Brides have been loving open toe models these last wedding seasons.

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Not white wedding shoes

Usually, when Brides dare something different from white, they tend to choose neutral colors. In the following gallery you’ll see gold, bronze, blush pink wedding shoes. You can’t go wrong with these colors that match with everything!

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Anyway someone dares a little bit more, choosing more brilliant and vibrant colors. Here below:

one of our Brides with Green Manolo Blahnik!

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A lovely Vintage Bride with bicolor pumps and a pair of Tod’s Orange Suede wedding shoes, chosen by a Bride who had a rustic wedding in Tuscany!


Sparkley, glitter and shimmering wedding shoes

As the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! But shoes are  a very good friend too! Here are some wedding shoes that combine the two things! The result is shimmering, sparkling and full of glitters!

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Comfy wedding shoes

Here comes the famous doubt again…. Is it better to stick to comfort? Or is it better to stick to fashion? High heels or flats? Next image is referred to the same Bride of the picture above! She chose to wear heels at the ceremony and flats at the reception! She is stunning either ways!

Wedding shoes

Then platform shoes are a comfy option too! And they can be beautiful as well! In the next picture we find an example of this! Together with a bride who chose to wear ballet pumps at her indian wedding.


It’s time for sneakers! The picture below shows the official high heels shoes and the extra white sneakers with pearls to dance!

The next ones show more informal Brides & Grooms wearing Converse and flats! Comfort meant everything to them….

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Messages on wedding shoes

Sometimes shoes become like paper sheets… Here some messages on them!

Wedding shoes FotorCreated-3

All pictures are from Super Tuscan Wedding Planners weddings! Write to us if we can help!