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PH: Amy turner

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Down the cypress alley two thrilled people are waiting for a Big Day…  They’re Holly and Jon and they’re inviting you to live their country wedding in Florence countryside with them.. 🙂

Arriving at the villa near Florence the green vineyards are a pleasant view for all participants to the wedding. A “Benvenuto” shows you the way..not only of the lovely steps with hearts to the villa, but also the photos of friends&relatives’ weddings in the past. What a nice way to welcome your guests…remembering them how lovely they were on their wedding days…and happily inviting them to follow the path to Holly&Jon wedding in Florence countryside!

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Can you imagine two pretty children were having fun on those steps while drawing the hearts with white chalks? Well, a really nice idea for a wedding in Florence countryside!! 🙂


Everything was almost ready for the ceremony.. Vine grapes adorned each seat and all looked as time stood still!

In the meanwhile, the bride was preparing in an elegant hall of the villa. Sparkling shoes and a fine shining crown adorned our bride’s hair who had chosen however, a simple and elegant style. A generous décolleté, a radiant make up with dark eyes and rose lips. A long veil just to give her this fine look and the ceremony could start. Accompanied by five nice bridesmaids in blue-sky dresses, the groups led to the yard of the villa. Green details and white&rose roses for the elegant wedding bouquet.


The groom and his groomsmen were already there in sand colour waiting for this wedding in Tuscany to begin! Impeccable we might say! Two little boys and flower girls introduced the bride and she arrived along with her father. The long cypress alley had been chosen as background to the ceremony, as the long (but happy!) way that the two had in front of them in life! A gentle sun illuminated the yard but not too warm nor muggy to disturb our happy Holly and Jon! Funny moments at the sunrise, even our Elia and Arianna took the chance to enjoy with the spouses their big day!

The alfresco reception took place in the wonderful green gardens of the venue: simple and country style, just to be in line with the Tuscan style, as the olive oil the spouses chose for their guests as present. Candle lights and a giant yellow cake for this happy couple. Beautiful is getting married in Tuscany, especially when your wedding turns into a starry and romantic night to the music of a charming elegant music of a jazz quartet! <3