Lindsey & Miheer, an Indian wedding in Tuscany and not only..

BRIDE: Lindsey | GROOM: Miheer| LOCATION: Indian wedding in Tuscany in Chiantishire Medieval castle | PH: Roberto Panciaticisuper-indian-tuscan-wedding-planners-chianti-4

Who said that an Indian wedding in Tuscany couldn’t reflect both the Indian traditions and that rustic Tuscan feel?

We always imagine Indian weddings as massive parties with lots of golden details mixed with tradition. Well, this is what has happened! And it all took place here in Tuscany, in a beautiful castle in Chianti area.

So what do you think seeing in fornt of you a horse, a white cypress road, lots of people dancing in their colourful joyous typical Indian dresses!

Well I see a perfect Indian wedding in Tuscany!

Lindsey and Miheer come from 2 different cultures and wanted their wedding to represent both of them!

But instead of doing one only wedding, they had two! Lindsey, born in the US, opted for an elegant symbolic ceremony in a beautiful frescoed room of the castle. Miheer instead, followed his Indian origins and wanted an open-air colourful wedding with a joyous entrance of himself on a horse followed by his guests dancing!

As with every Indian wedding Lindsey and Miheer decided to start the day with an important tradition of India. The painting of hands involved both Miheer’s family but of course also our bride and her family. This demonstrated the unity of the family, especially in these important days for Lindsey and Miheer.

Dresses also represented Indian traditions and all had the occasion to be part of these rituals and important cultural heritage the Indian family of Miheer brought to Italy for this special moment.



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The ceremony in fact, was a real breath of fresh air with a crowd of people reaching the venue dancing to the rythm of the drums! Miheer was shining in his white suit on an elegant horse.  The ceremony setting was perfect as well, carefully prepared in the morning by all guests to reflect all rituals and symbols of India even a thousand miles away.

And the amazing sights and vineyards of the Chiantishire couldn’t be more appropriate as frame to this splendid parade!






The ceremony involved all guests in songs, music, readings and prayers. Yes a touching ceremony as all, but for sure unconventional, full of joy and fun altogether.

Therefore, a typical Tuscan meal could not miss after but most importantly the evening started with the best premises! Indian dances involved guests and the bride and groom as well! Colours, happiness and a unique family is what we saw that night and of course laghs and toasts!

So in the end..what else could we say about an Indian wedding in Tuscany? That we really love it!!



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  1. Dan Gupta
    March 10, 2019 at 21:24 (6 months ago)

    I want to plan my son wedding on Sept 25th, 2019 in Tuscany, Italy area. 50 peole. This will be Indian Style wedding. We live in New Jersey, USA.

    Give me your Phone#

    • Elia
      June 4, 2019 at 11:33 (3 months ago)

      Hi Dan! Thanbks for your comment! For strange reasons we have just receive the notice of that! Please feel free to contact us through whatsapp at the following: 0039 3297423847 . best regards. Elia Moretti


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