BRIDE: Sandy | GROOM: Ed| LOCATION: italian tuscan wedding in Florence Area | PH: Fabio Mirulla


In May we celebrated the love of Sandy and Ed, a lovely couple who has decided to get married in Florence. They came from England and they always dreamed of a special italian tuscan wedding, guaranteeing also a wonderful break with great food, scenery, culture and entertainment to their guests.

When we first met Sandy & Ed it was immediately clear to us that this was a really joyful couple and that we were on the same page.
So we went on planning their italian tuscan wedding together and their joy became part of the planning, helping us grow in enthusiasm more and more at every step.
All was planned to make sure all the guest have the same joy we all felt during the planning, together with a fun and relaxing time in Florence area.
Bride and groom were accommodated in Santa Maria Novella Hotel, in Florence center. You can see yourselves how wonderful was to get ready with the stunning view of the Brunelleschi’s dome and surrounded by wonderful paintings.
Both bridesmaids and groomsmen gave in to the temptation of going on the rooftop to take selfies with Bride and Groom, separately of course!
The Bride, Sandy, was originally from Sry Lanka. This made everything more speciale because it was amazing to see a mix of cultures – since guests came from all over the world! So funny to watch them all, with different styles of clothes and different colors, showing the same big smiles on their faces and walking in Florence city center. All guests headed to the Wedding Venue, an amazing Castle, few minutes from Florence.
Ed and his groomsmen used their waiting time, making a toast in a Bar nearby: this is just the right joyful way to celebrate!
Meanwhile, Sandy and the bridesmaids were ready to hop the vintage bus that was waiting to take them to the Castle.
The ceremony has been performed in the medieval cloister, accompanied by Cello and Piano music to warm the atmosphere. I think that looking at the pictures everyone will be able to sense the joy that shows through the eyes and the smiles of Sandy and Ed.
The cocktail hour was really refreshing moment, after the touching one of the Ceremony!
The Wedding dinner table decor with wow pastels flower compositions and candles, was enriched by the pictures of all guests, used as place cards! Maybe you are wondering what that small golden bird cages on the tables are…. They are unique wedding favors: inside they hid a typical Sri Lankan wedding cake.
After dinner it was time to dance! As you can see, smiles were always there, all day long!
We can say without a doubt that this was an italian tuscan wedding day of authentic happiness, like a shower of pure joy!
We hope that you can feel the same joy while looking at this photo gallery.

Italian Tuscan Wedding in Florence

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