BRIDE: Karina | GROOM: Alex | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Cortona | PH: Coralla

“I was told that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh, but every time she laughs I fall in love with her.”

This is the story of a Karina & Alex. They met five years ago, introduced at a company Christmas party, where they chatted about new road bikes, workouts and hopes of triathlon training. It was clear early they had a lot in common. After they both found out they lived in the same building downtown, Karina laughed happily and joked “Oh we’ll have a lot of fun together!”. Yes they would!

It’s clear form the pictures of this Tuscan Wedding you are about to see, that they love each other and that they laugh together a lot….

Karina & Alex live in Brooklyn; Karina is of Eastern European origin and Alex of Russian origin.

A great combination of countries with love and a wedding as a result!

They got married in September. Their wedding reflected the things they love the most: beautiful scenery – typical of a Tuscan Wedding – close family & friends, delicious food and relaxation.
They spent a week together with their guests. Their wedding week was a relaxing, joyful week during which they enjoyed Italy’s fantastic cuisine and wine, and did some minor sight seeing and activities. Towards the end of the week, they got married on the property, in an intimate, small (~30 people) ceremony.

Flowers decorations and Karina’s bouquet were an mix of colors: purple, pink, green and orange! And here, as well, the result that comes from differences is amazing!

Karina’s trumpet gown, strapless and with sweetheart neckline, looked perfect on her and Alex devoured her with his eyes! Love was actually in the air and you can see how close they are in their smiles, in their eyes when they’re looking at each other!

Everyone was there just to support Karina and Alex with affection! They were surrounded by people fond of them! It was such an emotional day and it was like being part of a great family, made of relatives and real friends!

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Once again, now that she is Alex’s wife, we imagine Karina laugh happily and joke “Oh we’ll have a lot of fun together!”, every day of their life!

It really can be said: “Happily ever after”!