A rustic Tuscan wedding in San Gimignano for Jennie and Nick

Wedding in san gimignano

BRIDE: Jennie | GROOM: Nick | LOCATION: TUSCANY –  San Gimignano | PH: Anny Photography

On a very warm summer day in August, Jennie and Nick decided to finally become man and wife and celebrate a lovely day with all their friends and family.



The bride set off for the magical town of Certaldo to celebrate her rustic Tuscan wedding.

Jennie drove off  in a  stylish white Rolls Royce after having a  fun morning of preparation with  her six lovely bridesmaids.

01Wedding in San Gimignano 02Wedding in San Gimignano

 03Wedding in San Gimignano rustic tuscan wedding 04Wedding in San Gimignano

05Wedding in San Gimignano 06Wedding in San Gimignano 07Wedding in San Gimignano08Wedding in San Gimignano rustic tuscan wedding

Jennie arrived on the arm of her father, dressed in a stunning fitted lace dress. A very emotional Nick was looking very dapper in his blue suit and pink tie that perfectly matching the floral decorations and the details on the bridesmaids dresses.

09Wedding in San Gimignano 10Wedding in San Gimignano

With rings finally on their fingers, this happy couple made their way back to the venue and began to celebrate with some good food and wine. Dinner was served outside with tables set up on the flagstone courtyard with olive branches decorating the tables and romantic strings of lights illuminating the whole area.

11Wedding in San Gimignano 12Wedding in San Gimignano

Pictures of Jennie and Nick’s life together were dotted around the dinner area and an olive tree was decorated with pretty little rustic hearts.

Love was definitely in the air.

13Wedding in San Gimignano 14Wedding in San Gimignano 15Wedding in San Gimignano

16Wedding in San Gimignano 17Wedding in San Gimignano

18Wedding in San Gimignano 19Wedding in San Gimignano 20Wedding in San Gimignano 21Wedding in San Gimignano 22Wedding in San Gimignano

After a wonderful Tuscan dinner, the happy couple cut their wedding cake and then proceeded to have a romantic first dance.

The night continued with everyone dancing and taking loads of fun pictures in the photo-booth that had been set up with loads of props and fun accessories.

The bride said:Our wedding day truly was a complete dream come true. Tuscany has always meant a lot to Nick and I, so it was never in doubt that it would be the perfect place to become husband and wife. Despite knowing this, it still surpassed all of our expectations! Every moment was special and unforgettable….we were surrounded by our amazing friends and family, in the idyllic Tuscan countryside, eating unbelievable food and drinking delicious wine, celebrating love, life and laughter! 27Wedding in San Gimignano  29Wedding in San Gimignano Rustic Tuscan wedding 30Wedding in San Gimignano 31Wedding in San Gimignano Rustic Tuscan wedding

Congratulations to Jennie and Nick from the whole team here at Super Tuscan!

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