01Italian Wedding Planners

In the world many couples think of having their dream wedding in Italy and of course Italy has to put his prints on it!

So make it a real Italian style wedding asking your Italian wedding planners and including all the symbols of the Italian culture!

Then just enjoy, play and have fun with your guests! We now give you some advices but of course, let us know yours!

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Italy is the “Bel Paese” (the great land), the country of the sun and the slow life style, and I can confirm that! 🙂

Then Italy is also the country of sunflowers (because of the sun of course! 😉 ), paths and streets that disappear at the horizon of an infinite countryside and the nation where history relives at every corner..both in the medieval villages and in the biggest towns..well Colosseum is white famous but also small fountains or old engravings. They have a lot of history at their back and this makes wandering even more fascinating!

Italy is the country of “strada dell’amore” (the “love” street) and “strada del bacio” (the “kiss” street) as in Pienza (Val d’Orcia valley) … note that they are one after the other… right sequence??

But also the land of “Where are we now? Where should we go? There’s nobody to ask!”..well you are possibly looking for Montepulciano, the most famous area for red wine in Italy and you’re stuck in the middle of limitless vineyards!

Italy is also the country of pasta and fine cuisine, somewhere more traditional and somewhere more sought-after, but always super tasty!

So to start planning your Italian wedding, think about it and ask us to be your Italian wedding planners!

To make it Italian style all symbols of Italian culture need to be present.. and you can know now which ones they are! Then realize a wedding in the pure countryside, a wedding in Florence, in a beautful cathedral or on a romantic beach of Portofino on the Italian Riviera. Also in the greenest heart of Italy, Umbria! just make it Italian and everybody will aprreciate it!

So find out all your creativity and imagine the wedding of your dreams while putting sunflowers to decorate the table settings. Just add some chic details like elegant vases and other colourful flowers and the matching country chic will be perfect!

Never forget to ride a Vespa…wouldn’t it be lovely to ride it with your wedding gown? Not so cushy, but so funny!!! Otherwise the Fiat 500 is a lovely option as well!

Enjoy “slow moments” eating pizza or doing a wine tasting and delicious meals for a rehearsal dinner! Wander during hot summer nights through a lovely medieval town with the charming lights of the lanterns creating the right atmosphere to make you think.. “love is in the air!”, for real!

Ask us, Italian wedding planners, to realize not only the wedding of your dreams, but also the best stay ever, with our personal advices, and in our company too!


Just ask us to be your Italian wedding planners!