BRIDE: Lindsey | GROOM: Miheer | LOCATION: Tuscan wedding in a castle in Chianti area | PH: Roberto Panciatici

Planning a wedding abroad can be a difficult task but following the example of a couple that did this, can really make you discover the best wedding destination advices!

Lindsey and Miheer are in fact, a lovely couple that choose to have their destination wedding in Tuscany! Anyway they had not only one, but two weddings!¬†And we’re not talking about a reherasal dinner and the wedding day itself, but of two distinct weddings, each one of them following the traditions of our bride and groom. Symbolic the first one, Indian the second!

To choose the perfect Tuscan wedding venue for their TWO weddings, Lindsey and Miheer had to thoroughly think to the spaces they needed!

In fact, other than having almost 100 guests, they envisioned 2 very different weddings! The symbolic one, elegant and classical, following the European style, while the second following the traditions of Indian weddings.. very colourful, joyful and shared all together not only spiritually, but phisically most of all!





As a result, this castle in Chianti turned out to be the perfect venue for them. The venue had big spaces inside that are always advisable for a back-up plan! Moreover, the Chianti countryside was the ideal setting for an open air Indian wedding! What could be more in armony with the nature than this?

As said, lots of spaces inside permitted them to face every moment light-heartedly. In fact, in case of rain, they didn’t need external tents as all rooms perfectly fit their guests’ number.

This is something not usual but for sure a Medieval castle was definitely born to host big parties! In any case a back up plan at the venue at least for one of the 4 moments of a wedding (ceremony, aperitif, dinner and after dinner) is always highly advisable!





The ceremony took place in a beautiful frescoed room of the castle. And the style of the bride perfectly matched with the elegance of this space. She had a sleeveless mermaid dress with a round neckline, a fingertip long veil and the adorable bronze open-toe shoes, the right details to add a different touch! As flowrs for her bouquet she opted for rose and white roses, very elegant in their simplicity!

The groom as well was very elegant with his blue suit and the bowtie!

This wedding then took advantage of the beautiful gardens of the castle for an open-air aperitif, while all the group moved inside for the dinner in a vaulted room and the party inside the castle.

But they couldn’t stay up late, at least for the first day of their Tuscan weddings!






Looking for more best destination wedding advices?

Stay simple and start choosing carefully the right venue! Right after, concentrate on you choosing the right photographer and videographer! They will capture the most important moments of your life, that’s why this choice is also extremely important! The florist comes after!

But then, dedicate yourself to delight your family and guests! Select the right catering, music and lighting to be sure you’ll amaze all with the right food, music and atmosphere!

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