Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Gift? Super Tuscan Wedding Planners have some suggestions for you!


Everyone wants to give a perfect Christmas Gift especially for the people we love. Sometimes it’s not easy to find it out but we’ve got some ideas that you can appreciate. What about some holidays in Tuscany with a very special Wedding Proposal? Ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners for more information.


As I said, spend some days in Tuscany as Christmas Gift is the perfect present for the person you love. Dear Groom, try to imagine the moment you give this gift to your fiancé: surely she will be happy! Tuscany is one of the most magnificent region of Italy but during Christmas Time it is more beautiful than usual. Close your eyes and imagine it: you and your woman… walking in a Tuscan Borgo decorated with Christmas lights, shopping in our traditional artisan shops or eating in our amazing restaurants. So romantic!


How much are you willing to dare? “Future Groom”, during your stay in Tuscany you can make a proposal to your future wife. Why not? I mean… Isn’t it a really perfect moment?! Yes, it is. You and your love in a romantic city like Cortona, Florence or Montepulciano, enjoying Christmas atmosphere and then… you kneel down and… “Will you marry me?”. OH MY GOD! Believe me when I say she will remember that moment forever. Don’t you think it is a perfect Christmas Gift? Only you and you fiancé in a beautiful and romantic foreign country… It is perfect even without your proposal (but I suggest to make it if you didn’t before! 😉 ).


Anyway you can add something to your special Christmas Gift: arrange your Wedding in Italy in Spring or in Summertime. Nothing is better than a Wedding in Tuscany. Would you like that your Wedding Experience will be fantastic? Well, choose Tuscany, choose our cities, choose our landscapes and you will make your Bride and guests really happy. You could think a Wedding is quite expensive especially in a foreign country but… it’s something unique, a day which you will remember for the rest of your life. Does it worth the happiness of your Bride?


Groom and Bride, in my opinion this is the perfect gift. Celebrating your love, you can discover Tuscany. I think this is one of the best way to end in style this 2014 🙂 . So if you still don’t know what present to your fiancé, well… consider my suggestions. Tuscany is waiting for you, dear couple.


Don’t set your heart on Santa Claus for your Christmas Gift, ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners. We are here not only for your Wedding but to arrange your proposal as well 😉


Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Team of Super Tuscan Wedding Planners.

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