Make it funny! Read our tips for a perfect wedding in Tuscany!

 wedding in Tuscany

Getting married in Tuscany is something that immediately evoke in you relaxing moments, peaceful feelings and maybe the laughs echoed in company of your family and friends. Yes, this is a wedding in Tuscany! But why would you get married in Italy?

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Simple.. to make it easy and genuine and authentic as the medieval places or uncontaminated valleys of this region!

Wandering freely in Tuscany is a way that will lead you to medieval towns castled upon a high hill, ancient walls that have a long story to tell and that can be part of your story. A story blessed in Italy where time seems to stand still and love lasts forever.

Once you fall in love with Italy and your perfect wedding venue, make it chic or country, but add all the details that you have ever dreamt of!

Hear about the loveliest details for a enjoyable summer wedding in Tuscany! Just a few tips, that will make you guests surprise!

Organize a rehearsal dinner in a lovely terrace right the day before your wedding! They will appreciate it!

On the wedding day put a lovely <3 arrow finely decorated to indicate to your guest the way to the ceremony! Lovely, isn’t it?? Well ask your wedding planner in Tuscany to make it for you and in the loveliest possible way! Your guests will never miss your wedding day!

Use something unusual on your wedding cake or on tables as decoration. Aren’t the two penguins a lovely idea? And the bird cage with this lovely flower composition?

Then, think for example of a “sweets table” where diverse types of sweets and candies are collected in jars labelled with different words or thoughts… try with “Love”, “Passion” and “Let me tempt you!”..and ask your friends how the candies tasted!

Serve fresh lemonade and orange juice to your guests in funny glasses with straws and never forget Prosecco..flute glasses here are compulsory!

Hang up to some trees your most beloved photos and include those of your friends too as they have shared some precious moments and memories with you! Finally, fill every corner with use lavender and sunflowers, some ribbons and small hearts. Your flower girls should definitely have a basket with small buckets of lavender flowers otherwise it would be so chic and Tuscan! 🙂


Finally, why not an Ape Calessino as our Vivienne and Dave or a vintage Fiat or a Vespa?? Don’t you find them sooo enjoyable for a wedding in Tuscany??


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