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The charm of a Renaissance villa is something unmistakable and irresistible! And it is for this reason that over the years many couples have chosen this venue for their wedding in Tuscany, each of them looking for that authenticity that only a 1300 villa can give.
And not only! This beautiful venue, in addition to being the house where Leonardo muse, the famous Mona Lisa (or Gioconda!!) was born, is also a winery and therefore the perfect setting to drink a a glass of red wine (Chianti of course!) while looking at the same soil that produced it, smelling the aroma of the earth, the grapes and greeneries that Tuscany offers to awaken all the senses in a blink of an eye. There’s even more! Read about Monica and Jesse and their wedding in Tuscany..

What we’re going to tell you is not a dream from which you cannot wake up because a wedding in Tuscany can be more than reality. And they know it! Monica and Jesse made their dreams come true in this villa where they enjoyed great moments with their friends and family, as authentic as the old walls that hosted them.

Their dream began in a fresh morning of October while getting ready for their big day! Looking at the two and their smiles I’ve always asked myself who was the sun of the other. I’ve seen Jesse throughout the day with a beautiful smile and Monica the same but I suspect both were really emotional and Monica probably hid it less than Jesse!

These moments were beautiful and warm as the entire atmosphere at the villa, matching perfectly with the colours chosen by our couple as wedding theme. The flowers stand out with all the shades of rose and purple of the Veronica flowers and the lavender, plus the white of roses, dahlias, lisianthus and Chrysanthemums… all perfectly balanced together.

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The ceremony took place in the beautiful church of Castellina in Chianti that saw our bride arriving in a lovely tiny vintage Fiat 500 car.

And who says that a wedding planner just plans wedding??? Thankfully, Elia, the Super Tuscan planner par excellence drove our bride and bridesmaids to the church! A vintage car definitely deserves a driver who knows the “vintage” ways of driving.. 🙂

wedding in Tuscanywedding in Tuscany super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-10 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-11 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-12 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-14 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-15 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-16 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-17

After the moving ceremony and the tolling of the church bells, our sweet couple had time alone to visit this small medieval town and the beautiful vineyards of Chianti around.

Now, do you remember the Fiat 500? Good thing Monica knew as well the “vintage ways of driving” as she was the one to drive her Jesse back to the villa.

wedding in Tuscanywedding in Tuscany super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-21 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-22 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-24 super-chianti-tuscan-wedding-planners-25

Here they were able to join their guests for the rest of the day starting from the aperitif by the main Renaissance villa, a dinner in the lovely restaurant even accompanied by a hymn to our bride and groom from their lovely priest, to end the night dancing in the winery cellars.

Hope this was enough to delight you and help you dream of your own wedding in Tuscany!

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