We all know that this is a time of year when a lot of wedding proposals happen, and why not? It is the most magical time of the year!

So, whether your significant other half has popped the question or you are planning to do so yourself, why not decide to have an engagement party out of the ordinary and come to the magical Tuscany?

Just imagine: it’s New Year’s Eve and you are all dressed up to party and celebrate your engagement party in Tuscany. You walk into a stunning castle with candles all around and a fire crackling in an ancient stone fireplace.

Tables have been set for a feast inside a huge room with tons of character. You sit down at a table decorated with seasonal flowers, candles and gorgeous plates and glasses. Your friends and family raise their glasses full of Prosecco to make a toast to you and your fiancé.

The waiters begin to file in and the smell of traditional food fills the air as you tuck in to enjoy all the different Tuscan foods that you had previously chosen.

The joyous and festive atmosphere continues until reaching it’s peak at 1 minute to Midnight.

Everyone stands up and counts down the seconds to the new year, champagne is opened and you all cheers to the New year and the newly engaged couple…that would be you!

You all head outside to admire the fireworks turning the winter sky all different colors…so romantic! I bet if you look around there will be a great deal of smooching going on!

But that’s enough of that, get yourself inside and start the party! We want you to have a great time and dance the night away.


Sound like fun? Get in touch with us and we can help you make this fantasy a reality be it on New Year’s Eve or on any other date we’re always ready to help you  celebrate the most important occasions of your lives!