Our wedding planners in Tuscany suggest: an eco wedding

Eco wedding in Italy

A great number of people are starting to like the idea of an eco wedding and our wedding planners in Tuscany think that’s great.

When you choose to have a green wedding, you are helping our environment but you’re also giving yourself and your wedding planners in Tuscany the opportunity to create an amazing event for your special day.

A green wedding means that you will be cutting down the use of electricity to a minimum especially if you have the help of our wedding planners in Tuscany, this is a region where you will be able to find some stunning outdoor locations, you could choose between a field, vineyard, olive grove or even have your wedding by a lake! With all these options we’re sure you will find the perfect location for your green wedding.

We will show you restaurants and catering services that use local produce including seasonal vegetables and fruit, you will be drinking the local, world-famous Tuscan wines and enjoying that famous Tuscan sun. If you would like vegan meals, that can also be easily arranged.

Make sure you choose your floral arrangements and wedding bouquet according to the flowers that will be blooming at the time of your wedding, this means that the flowers won’t be brought in from abroad and won’t be full of chemicals, your wedding planners in Tuscany will show you locations that have lots of greenery and therefore won’t need huge amounts of additional plants.

Some other great ways to make sure your wedding is eco friendly is to make sure that your wedding invitations and menus are made with recycled paper and use lots of candles so that you cut the use of electricity down to a minimum. Our wedding planners in Tuscany can give you some great ideas for some eco wedding favors such as personalized bottles of local extra virgin olive oil or cute little pots of local honey.

So are you liking the idea of an eco wedding in Tuscany? If so get in touch with our wedding planners in Tuscany and  start planning your green wedding.

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