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Wedding in tuscany


“Perfect or not..that is the question!” And I add…what an engaging question! Choosing the right destination for your wedding is always a big deal…considering the mess you’ll go through in the months before your W-day! I can imagine you want to take it easy.. you’ll probably start asking family, friends and wedding planners but you’ll end up also asking neighbors and acquaintances…and in the end, you’ll come up with a 100 (maybe a 1000?) beautiful, amazing, incredible venues for your wedding to take place! You think it’ll be simple, well actually it won’t … it will be really stressful, I assure you. So now it’s my turn, I want to give you my suggestion. Read carefully! Think of a nice and warm (not hot please) sunny day, the wind is gently blowing and you and your groom are going to fulfill your dreams in a perfect wedding destination in Tuscany. Well, thinking about the “perfect place”, I assure you: there’s no perfect place..well, not just one! ..but of course, the one you’ll choose will have to inspire you!


Inspiration may come from the history of am ancient place, definitely an amazing wedding scenario!

See the ‘Abbazia di San Galgano’ (Chianti near Siena, Italy). The abbey of Saint Galgano is a giant church with no roof and is surrounded by wheat fields in the middle of the Tuscan countryside. It’s renown that the legend of the sword in the stone was born here. In 1180, on Christmas day, Galgano introduced a sword in the ground with the aim of transforming the weapon into a cross. Nowadays the cross is still there, stuck in the rock so..would you like to fill your wedding celebrations with a bit of history dating back to the XII century?? Well, I would!

However, inspiration may come from a perfect wedding night party in a castle in the green Umbria region, right in the center of Italy. The ‘Castello di Rosciano’ (Perugia, Italy) has an infinite panorama outside but also amazing insides with stone walls, vaults and medieval armors and details all around. Moreover the castle is near the Marmore waterfalls and also Assisi, a beautiful medieval city where you find the cathedral of San Francesco.

Or at last, you can always go for the strangest wedding places! Think that a Danish couple fulfilled their dream in the Monte Cucco caverns. These caverns are beautiful I admit, but 30m deep in the subsoil…


So I’m not saying you should pick up some ropes and climb up a mountain 🙂 but may it be quietly romantic or adventurous, just follow your sensation about a place…just feel it! And choose the perfect wedding destination in Tuscany to realize your dreams! <3

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