Rehearsal dinner for your wedding in Tuscany

wedding in TuscanyMany couples are choosing to have their rehearsal dinner either the night before or two nights before their wedding in Tuscany. If you were getting married at home, you may have chosen to invite a restricted group of people to the rehearsal dinner but seeings as you will be celebrating your big day abroad, you will probably choose to include everyone in your rehearsal dinner.

This isn’t just a formality, it’s also a good way to have some fun and relax with your family and friends before the big day. It also gives all your guests a chance to get to know each other better (if they don’t already) and it gives you the possibility to spend some quality time with the people that have traveled to Tuscany just to celebrate your wedding with you.

A wedding in Tuscany gives you many opportunities to have either a formal or a relaxed dinner, you could choose to have the rehearsal dinner in an restored farmhouse, in a villa or even have a picnic in a park. It’s really up to you…you can go as formal or as casual as you like.

Seeings as you are having a wedding in Tuscany, you may want to consider a typically Italian thing like a pizza party; this is a very relaxed dinner and one of the best things to do if you are thinking of having your rehearsal dinner on the evening before your wedding in Tuscany. You are getting married on the next day so you don’t really want to go mad and end up having a terrible hangover and not being able to enjoy your big day to its fullest.

Whatever you decide to do for your rehearsal dinner, the important thing is that you relax and have a lovely evening with your friends and family. Our wedding planners in Tuscany will help you have the best possible experience.


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