BRIDE: Lyndonna | GROOM: Dre | LOCATION: Chianti | PH: Andrea Corsi

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Chianti Wedding

This beautiful couple, Lyndonna and Dre, are the protagonists of this romantic wedding in the beautiful Chianti’s hills. They got married on July 2016, in an amazing  villa surrounded by vineyards.

They chose a chic style for their Chianti wedding. The flowers and the dresses of the bride and the bridesmaids were white and pale pink.

This lovely and fresh bride and groom have realized their dream and if you want to realize yours, then you have to read this post!

Lyndonna and Andres are from USA and arrived in Italy with a small group of relatives and friends. They choosed a symbolic ceremony in front of the villa.

But let the pictures talk for now…


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The bride – Romantic Chianti Wedding

Lyndonna, to follow the romantic style decided for a very simple wedding gown decorated with lace. White and light pink peonies composed her bouquet. Can you belive that she has done by herself her makeup?! And her hair with soft waves were, just like the rest, very romantic and chic.

The bridesmaids wore long pale pink dresses and their bouquets were also the same as the bride but completly white. The flowers girls wore white dresses.

      The vineyards – Romantic Chianti Wedding

We will say this sentence for the rest of our lives: the vineyard’s of Chianti are the perfect location for your wedding. The reasons why are many. Chianti wine is one of the best wine in the world and the landscape is amazing.

Lyndonna nd Andres decided to do some shoot there and the result is really romantic, with a soft atmosphere just like they wanted.

Family – Romantic Chianti Wedding

Family is one of the most important things in our life and we know that it is even more decisive during the wedding day. For this wedding the couple decided to integrate their relatives in the cerimony. Firstly Lyndonna’s uncle celebrate the cerimony and her aunt sang “Amazing grace”. That made the atmosphere more romantic and intimate too. It was impossible not to cry!

We want to wish to this beautiful couple all the best for their future life together as husband and wife!

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