Saint Valentine’s day? …share your love as our happy Super Tuscan couples!!

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Saint Valentine’s is coming and romantic ideas too!

Therefore here are our suggestions for romantic moments with your fiancé!

Having dinner at candlelight is just one! The best would be to make it on a panoramic terrace in Florence (is there something more romantic?) or at the sunset lights sitting in a vineyard.

Well too complicated maybe to do it tomorrow, but Saint Valentine could be the proper day to engage and start planning your wedding in Tuscany! But let’s start with the Saint’s story because thanks to this Saint, love is celebrated worldwide!

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Saint Valentine as you all know represents a special day for all lovers…or at least the most romantic ones of you! 🙂 But there’s more about that… a story about courtly love dating back to the Middle Ages!

Stories are many but read these romantic ones..

It seems that one day Valentine, seeing a girl and a man struggling in the streets, gave them a red rose and made fly all around lots of doves.. isn’t it similar to what nowadays we still do? Moreover do you know that in Italy lovers are called “piccioncini” (from pigeon)..there’s affinity with the fact.. 🙂

The second legend says instead that Valentine, already Bishop, married together a young boy and a girl against the willing of their families. I avoid telling you the end of the story..a bit bloody I admit, but love is what helped them reconcile with their families!

These stories are not so far from reality and I invite you all to find out your romantic side, even if it’s deeply hidden!, and to give your fiancé a special gift for this Sain Valentine’s day! I’m not saying a diamond (however not bad idea 🙂 ), but a sweet thought, a romantic dinner, a walk hand in hand and why not.. an engagement proposal! Don’t you think?

This post is about love and engagement.. and final happy and romantic ends like a wedding in Tuscany!!

Getting married in Tuscany would be the best gift ever to have a moment to be shared with your lover, your family and..promised! will be unforgettable, for your entire life!

Finally, I wanted to celebrate this day with you with some of the best wedding photos and happiest couples of ours. We have these moments in our hearts but not only from these couples, but from them all!

All simply amazing weddings in Tuscany and I personally want to thank them all for having shared with us their love!

Happy Saint Valentine’s day!!


For those of you who are instead still thinking about a wedding in Tuscany, give up thinking and realize it!

Ask us to be your Tuscan wedding planners!

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