Saint Valentine’s day is coming…see the TOP 10 for an engagement in Tuscany!!


01Wedding in Italy

Saint Valentine’s day is really a special day, ideal for romantic moments alone with your partner..

Why not making it the day of your engagement? Too predictable maybe?? Absolutely not! Not on all 14th February you’re getting engaged and when it happens… it’s always a great surprise!!

Let me tell you my tips for the top 10 places for engagement in Tuscany! They will be all different but definitely romantic and with spectacular sights of an enchanting Tuscany! Difficult to not say “YES!”

Tuscany has become famous all around the world for its slow times and authenticity…you will hear it plenty of times while here.. “we do it (anything!) as it was in the past” and this passion for old traditions makes this region the winner place for an old-style romantic love declaration!


Let’s start with the magic town par excellence, Florence!

1) How about an amazing panoramic terrace in Florence? Here your eyes won’t believe the stunning beauty of its dome among red roofs and neither the romanticism of your partner by candles light!!



2) Not far from Florence, a wonderful medieval castle would be perfect for an “authentic”, in all meanings!!, engagement in Tuscany! These couples realized their dream in this castle but why not making it the perfect location for your engagement in Tuscany??



3) Always “medieval” authentic style is this wonderful Tuscan burg. Wandering along its tiny streets gives you lots of occasions for an intimate moment with your partner! An engagement in Tuscany in the shadows could be perfect to steal a deep-kiss to your lover!!04Italian wedding planners


4) Looking for something exclusive for a luxury engagement in Tuscany?? Relax among the golden details of this Florentine villa!

34Italian wedding planners


5) What about instead a noble Italian villa for an elegant engagement in Italy?? This villa would be perfect! And its owner is one of the most renowned Italian stylists.. He knows how a special place must be!

Schermata 2015-02-03 alle 11.51.31


6) For those of you who have a “country and rustic” soul instead, this place will make you feel and smell the scent of the real Tuscany! Vineyards can be looked at but also touched and its grapes tasted. Can you imagine something more intimate and magic! Best moment??? A September sunset of course!! Grapes and glances will be super sweet!!



7) Another country-rustic scenario is that of the Val d’Orcia (Orcia valley) and believe me…nothing is more stunning if you like “infinite” panoramas!!

12Weddings by Super Tuscan Wedding Planners


8) Also an historic abbey could be ideal! Such an amazing location is entrenched with the charm of an ancient history and now can meet yours ..a new history ready to be lived!



9) Tuscany is not only countryside and renowned towns (don’t forget Siena and the Chainti valley!), but also a beautiful coast, the Tuscan Etruscan coast!! Thsi house would be ideal for a romantic dinner by the seaside and why engagement ring as well!

01Tuscan seaside wedding


10) Or even…you can follow the steps of VIPs that has chosen Tuscany as the perfect location for their engagement! Any idea?? See George and Amal’s engagement and ask for your perfect engagement in Italy like George and Amal!




And don’t told anybody…but that odd tourist looking at you all the time.. is one of our trusted professional photographers…. 🙂


Ask us more tips about an engagement in Tuscany!

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