Seating plan for your wedding in Tuscany

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Seating plans are always difficult to work out, you have to take into consideration that not all family members and friends get along and therefore you have to work out a seating plan so that your guests are all happy and don’t end up arguing. Daunting? don’t worry we can help!

The fact that you have decided to have your wedding in Tuscany means that you probably won’t have as many guests as you would if you were getting married at home, obviously less guests means less people to seat. But don’t worry if you’re having a big event for your wedding in Tuscany because we have some very effective solutions.

One solution is to not have a seating plan, this makes life easier as everyone is free to sit where they want. We suggest you only go for this kind of solution if you have a smaller number of guests and they all get along quite well,  otherwise you may end up with people being left out, and nobody likes to feel like the kid who gets chosen last for the team. Your wedding in Tuscany should be stress free for everyone.

Another idea so that you don’t have to go insane finding the perfect spot for each and every person, could be to have a number of smaller tables and just create a plan where you decide to put certain people at a certain table, this way you give everyone a general idea of where to sit but you don’t have to be specific about each seat. Just make sure you use some common sense and it will be great.

If you’re planning a very formal wedding in Tuscany and you want to make place cards for everyone, then you could ask a friend or a relative who knows all of your guests to  help you create the perfect seating plan, this could also be a good way to get your bridesmaids and groomsmen involved in the planning process.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to put friends and relatives at a table where they know everyone because it’s always fun to get to meet new people, just try and find people who have some interests in common and who you think will get along well…we’re sure everything will be perfect!

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