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Small Wedding Ideas – Wedding Tuscanywedding-in-montepulciano

During the planning of a wedding, usually pretty soon a question comes to mind: “How many people are we going to invite?”

Now, we know that “Happiness it’s real only when shared”, and you may think ‘the more people I share it with, the more wonderful my wedding will be!’.

Actually, weddings are switching in the opposite direction: Bride & Groom tend to select those people they really want to share their happiness with on their wedding day. The result is that small and intimate weddings are rapidly gaining ground. To answer the initial question “How many people are we going to invite?”, between 30 and 40, seems to be the perfect number of guests!

So, let’s forget big wedding for now and let’s try to understand why small wedding ideas are becoming so fascinating and attractive.

Smaller budget, of course! Let us be practical and honest, everyone is happy when they can get an astonishing result without spending an outrageous amount of money! By applying small wedding ideas, saving is certain!

– You can really choose and select the guests you really care to be there! You won’t have to worry of having around that handful of co-workers who you merely tolerate! With a small wedding, there is no pressure to include them.


– It’s a perfect excuse to tell people that they aren’t invited! “We are having a small wedding”… This is an actual and comprehensible explanation!

Attention to details will be easier. And also attention for guests. Being a small group a lot of group activities can be set up: wine tastings, truffle hunts, bike tours, italian barbecues. And in all of them, and of course on the wedding day, everyone will be important. This is because we are talking of real closeness and loved ones, no room for friends of circumstance!


Small wedding Ideas- Wedding Tuscany

Destination wedding. This is where Tuscany comes in! Asking 150+ people to travel or fit within city hall is a bit trickier. But with a smaller group also the destination wedding of your dreams will become reality!

Accommodation onsite for everyone! Here Tuscany comes again: imagine a villa where to stay all together, in the rolling hills, with a swimming pool with a stunning view on the green… Would’t be a dream wedding? And don’t forget that usually people pay for their own accommodation, so this could be another way to save money and have a great venue for your wedding anyway!


Intimacy is granted, above all during the ceremony! This is such a moving and emotional moment and usually when people are too many, guests tend to be distracted!


Small Weddings Idea - Wedding Tuscany

Small Weddings Idea – Wedding Tuscany

More relax, for guests and also for Bride & Groom. It must be a relief for the future spouses to know that who is there is not splitting hairs but really living that moment together with them! So, less worries and more time to enjoy!

All at one table, enjoy the dinner all together! Food, especially Tuscan food, will be a more special delight if you sit together with the whole group of families and friends!

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Something different and memorable. Everyone will remember your small wedding ideas and everything related to your special day just because distances and small groups were not dominant anymore!

Small Wedding Ideas - wedding Tuscany

Small Wedding Ideas – wedding Tuscany

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