wedding in Tuscany!

Finding out the best location for a wedding in Tuscany is something you may think easy, but actually is not! There are lots of  possibilities to see wonderful venues but there are a number of  important details to be taken into consideration!

When planning a wedding abroad it’s very important to be able to rely on someone you trust, such as a specialized wedding planner, a person you can rely on for any (really any!) detail of your wedding! Look for the stepping stones to an amazing wedding in Txuscany!


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Having a clear idea of the type of venue you’re looking for is fundamental… otherwise you risk getting caught up in  a turmoil of dozens of venues!

So go for a style..rustic, elegant, shabby, radical chic or luxury. In Tuscany there are plenty of possibilities so it won’t be difficult to find your dream wedding venue.. if you’re sure about your favourite style! The only important thing is…make sure it’s romantic!



Regarding the ceremony, let your wedding planner in Tuscany know if you’re looking at a catholic ceremony in a splendid church, a symbolic blessings in the gardens of a stunning panoramic casale or a civil wedding in a historic medieval town hall. But if you’d like something more particular why not suggest it to your wedding planner…running out of ideas? How about a beach wedding on the famous Etruscan coast? Or a blessing or protestant wedding in San Galgano abbey?



Ask for the best Italian caterings to organize an Italian reception worth its name! From the aperitif to the candle-lit night, your guests will be enveloped by the charm of an Italian garden, a rustic wide yard among vineyards, a terrace overlooking the great Tuscan countryside and why not the sparkling waters of the Trasimeno lake.


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For your wedding and reception, design the best wedding table set up with fun place cards and favours for your guests! Ask  your Italian wedding planner for suggestions. He/she will be able to inspire you with the best tips! And go for creativity.. Your guests will appreciate it!

Ask for your wedding in Tuscany!


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Then, the first sight is what we’ll make you fall in love with Tuscany so come and ask for a site inspection! Your heart will tell you if these stepping stones were right..


Ask Super Tuscan Wedding planners for your wedding in Tuscany!