Super tuscan Wedding Planners

We have recently decided to give our website a face lift and to do this we decided to go with a color that will be very fashionable and popular next year…curious? I’m not going to tell you immediately what the color is  but I will give you  a couple of tips that will help you figure out what it may be!

We like to be very up to date on what the new wedding trends will be and are often going on courses to better our knowledge of everything that concerns weddings and style.

Recently, we have also given a new look to our office and even ourselves in an effort to be at the top of our game. Soon we will be opening a showroom right next door to our office so that our future brides and grooms can come and make decisions on the style they want to have on their wedding day.

To create this new look for our website we were inspired by one of the most renown fashion icons of all time, the stunning and stylish Audrey Hepburn.

In her honor we chose the color made famous by one of the most famous jewelry companies of all times…Tiffany!

So there you have it the color we decided on is Tiffany blue.