Want to get married? Why not a Tuscan Wedding at Sting’s House?

sting farm shop 040810We’d like to take this property all for us, but it’s impossible… it’s Sting’s!

It’s such a jewel and I don’t know exactly if Sting chose the property or the property chose Sting!

But he has contributed a lot to create such a beautiful venue with old-fashioned interiors (but not for this reason “old”) and really magic exteriors with flowers, a fountain and also a small lake to enjoy the beauty of nature!

Your Tuscan Wedding at STing's House 2

Your Tuscan Wedding at STing's House 3

Your Tuscan Wedding at Sting's House

Your Tuscan Wedding at STing's House 4

This 16th century villa is located between Arezzo and Florence, nestled in the real Tuscan countryside, that of the green rolling hills surrounding Florence, the town renowned as the cradle of the Renaissance! This was once the home of a Duke and still maintains its original charm!

A vintage style that makes you really appreciate past times and traditions..the rituals to water your garden, to take care of the nature all around and smell the perfumes of lavender flowers, lemon trees and the garden aromatic plants.


Not a simple house of course, but that of your Tuscan dreams, simple and beautiful with a lovely panorama to relax the eyes while sipping drinks. And this venue looks like home after a few days! 🙂


The real dream then come so forth, with the your perfect Tuscan wedding! Three villas and other three nearby will host you and your family. In total up to 50 guests leaving no space to boring moments! Many magical places will offer you the possibility to have a wonderful wedding! The loggia or the amazing cellar alone are incredible places for a chic Tuscan wedding.. Then we’ll fill it with flowers, candles and the unique moments for you and your groom will make the rest! Just ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners.


Finally Sting is also searching for volunteers for the grape harvest and olive picking… not that similar to a perfect Tuscan wedding, but of course a part of tradition that must never be forgotten! And we appreciate all his (Tuscan) genuineness! 🙂

Don’t you think to deserve a wonderful wedding? A fantastic Wedding Gown and a vintage Wedding car, an amazing venue… The answer is YES! You do. Image to welcome your guest in one of the halls of this venue where you can breath the smell of the tradition and the history of Tuscany.

Would you like a white wedding? Well, Tuscany is the right place to celebrate your symbolic Ceremony.

Ask for more to Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!

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