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Ask your Italian wedding planners for Italian style wedding ideas

Wedding in Italy1

For any idea you might have, ask your Italian wedding planners! Who else could advise you better than them?

Collect our ideas and yours will be a real Italian style wedding, funny and enjoyable, most of all!

Here are wedding ideas for the groom so, just in case you’re the bride…just hint it to your fiancé! 🙂


Stepping stones for an amazing wedding in Tuscany!

wedding in Tuscany!

Finding out the best location for a wedding in Tuscany is something you may think easy, but actually is not! There are lots of  possibilities to see wonderful venues but there are a number of  important details to be taken into consideration!

When planning a wedding abroad it’s very important to be able to rely on someone you trust, such as a specialized wedding planner, a person you can rely on for any (really any!) detail of your wedding! Look for the stepping stones to an amazing wedding in Txuscany!


The chic side of a country wedding in Italy!


Tuscany has always been in everybody’s imaginary a place where olive groves and vineyards outline the horizon, typical Tuscan “casale” are spread everywhere like spots in the wide yellow&green wheat fields and traditions are still present in everyday life. But actually Tuscany is so, this is why when you want to realize an authentic country wedding in Italy, Tuscany is the first place that comes in mind!

But Tuscany is not only a place for authentic country weddings, Tuscany is a mix of styles and historic corners that reflect years of old farming traditions and elegant noble inheritance. As a matter of fact, each wedding in Tuscany have both characteristics, those of the rural lovely decorations but in the meantime of chic details! See more about our tips and discover the chic side of a country wedding in Italy!


Make it funny! Read our tips for a perfect wedding in Tuscany!

 wedding in Tuscany

Getting married in Tuscany is something that immediately evoke in you relaxing moments, peaceful feelings and maybe the laughs echoed in company of your family and friends. Yes, this is a wedding in Tuscany! But why would you get married in Italy? (more…)

Saint Valentine’s day? …share your love as our happy Super Tuscan couples!!

38wedding in tuscany

Saint Valentine’s is coming and romantic ideas too!

Therefore here are our suggestions for romantic moments with your fiancé!

Having dinner at candlelight is just one! The best would be to make it on a panoramic terrace in Florence (is there something more romantic?) or at the sunset lights sitting in a vineyard.

Well too complicated maybe to do it tomorrow, but Saint Valentine could be the proper day to engage and start planning your wedding in Tuscany! But let’s start with the Saint’s story because thanks to this Saint, love is celebrated worldwide! (more…)

Saint Valentine’s day is coming…see the TOP 10 for an engagement in Tuscany!!


01Wedding in Italy

Saint Valentine’s day is really a special day, ideal for romantic moments alone with your partner..

Why not making it the day of your engagement? Too predictable maybe?? Absolutely not! Not on all 14th February you’re getting engaged and when it happens… it’s always a great surprise!!

Let me tell you my tips for the top 10 places for engagement in Tuscany! They will be all different but definitely romantic and with spectacular sights of an enchanting Tuscany! Difficult to not say “YES!”


Find the perfect location for your wedding in Florence and not just !


Having a wedding in Tuscany is mainly a dream for most of all brides&grooms. And this is the question.. Do you think that realizing a dream is so difficult? Our answer is no.. You just need a bit of patience! Let’s start finding the perfect Tuscan venue! And reality may go beyond your dreams! Have you ever imagine that?

Looking at venues just in photos is not respectful to how beautiful they are in reality! The atmosphere, the Tuscan air, the excitement of visiting a venue that could be yours for your wedding day, are just some of the emotions you’ll experience when visiting venues.

But of course a previous selection must be made and these are our suggestions!


Ash & Ryan elegant bucolic wedding in Italy

prova2BRIDE: Ash



PH: Julian Kanz

26Wedding in Italy romantic style Super Tuscan Wedding Planners


Wedding published on Junebug and two bright lights … see more!

Ash and Ryan are a young American couple who chose the green hills of Umbria to celebrate their wedding in Italy! They chose a lovely elegant villa that with particular touches of vintage and the sights of the Trasimeno lake from the windows, made all looked more than magic! Discover their Italian wedding and how their Super Tuscan Wedding Planners designed it!


Viv&Dave’s lovely Tuscan wedding day wandering in Cortona and in the shining countryside

23Wedding in Florence
BRIDE: Viv | GROOM: Dave | LOCATION: TUSCANY – CortonaPH: Amy turner


July 5th, a warm morning sun, colourful flowers all around and Viv and Dave are getting ready to become one family and one only soul. The sun is shining in our Tuscany on their big day and the bride and groom’s preparation seemed relaxed as never!


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