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Ask your Italian wedding planners for Italian style wedding ideas

Wedding in Italy1

For any idea you might have, ask your Italian wedding planners! Who else could advise you better than them?

Collect our ideas and yours will be a real Italian style wedding, funny and enjoyable, most of all!

Here are wedding ideas for the groom so, just in case you’re the bride…just hint it to your fiancé! 🙂


Elia & Arianna : romantic engagement in Tuscany

21Romantic engagement in Tuscany

BRIDE TO BE : Arianna | GROOM TO BE : Elia (Our boss :-)) | LOCATION: TUSCANY –  CortonaPH: Anny Photography

Elia, the “Super Tuscan Wedding Guru” is getting married with his beautiful fiance Arianna, the Super Tuscan Wedding Planners designer.

After nine years of love this cute couple decided to say yes on the 3rd of August 2016.

Waiting for this precious day, our guys have done a romantic engagement in Tuscany.


Tuscan wedding car: choose yours & I’ll tell you who you are!

21Vintage Wedding in the italian garden

Getting married is not just about the ceremony and the reception, but a wonderful land to explore! If you’re planning a tuscan wedding, why not to do it with style!? Of course not just one, but yours! So… are you ready to choose your mean of transportation?

The do’s are few…just choose your style and have a unique wedding in your unique wedding car!!

Choose your Tuscan wedding car & I’ll tell you who you are..


Wedding in Tuscany: let your guest know more about your special day, by a dedicated website!


When we are invited to a wedding, in our special case a wedding in Tuscany, usually all we know is what we read on the invitation: names, places, day, time and few things more.

Your wedding day is so special and so are the ones you chose to share it with! So why don’t you let them know something more about the most beautiful and important day in your life?

When you decide to get married in another country, it’s really important for your guests to be informed about details. But, you know, you can’t write all things in an invitation. Anyway you can add a new piece of information on it: a simple link to your wedding website and the password to enter. You’ll see that a dedicated website for your wedding in tuscany might be the perfect choice! (more…)

Wedding dress: which one suits your body type


From the moment you get engaged, the first thing a bride to be thinks about is her wedding dress.

All women want to look their absolute best on their wedding day so here are our suggestions to help you choose the perfect wedding dress style  based on your body type.

First of all let’s get to know the different wedding  dress styles you can choose from!


A Tuscan wedding to celebrate Tuscan summer colours. Read about Steffi & Falk!

44Country wedding in tuscany - string lights

BRIDE: Steffi | GROOM: Falk | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Cortona | PH: Anny

Tuscany is not only lavander and pastel colours..look for an orange&red day, a wedding with lots of character as our bride and groom Steffi & Falk!

We met Steffi and Falk during one visit in Tuscany. They were delighted by the venue at first: a lovely Tuscan casale with a beautiful view with enough space to have children run around and a panoramic pool to refresh your fee under the hot sun of the Tuscan summers.
That visit marked not only the starting of their wedding planning but also of a friendship made of lots of photos and moments shared together even from far away, they living in Germany and us in Tuscany. Other than the wedding we planned together we shared in fact, happy moments like the birth of Carly, her lovely babygirl and other photos of their private lives with their lovely family!


Alternative to confetti for your wedding in Tuscany

Monica & Jesse_1123

PH:Domenico Costabile

A recurring question for us wedding planners in Tuscany is: can I use confetti and if not what is the alternative to confetti  for my wedding in Tuscany?

Well, let me tell you, there are a number of solutions to this “problem” and honestly I think that they are so much better than confetti that you will feel silly for even having thought of using the things.


Lavender inspired Tuscan Civil Ceremony on Site for Arabella & Robert

08Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany

BRIDE: Arabella | GROOM: Robert | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Cortona | PH: Amy turner

Arabella and Robert decided to get married in Tuscany desiring a simple civil ceremony on site and an intimate group of guests with them. But definitely their willing was to have an amazing wedding day, that’s why they fell in love with a typical Tuscan casale in South East Tuscany, small and perfect for guests and families to spend beautiful days all together.


Read of Tuscan wedding with lemons under frescoed ceilings

15A Wedding in Italy - Tuscany CortonaBRIDE: Orla | GROOM: Conor | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Cortona | PH: Marco Miglianti

Simple, delicate and genuine, Super Tuscan Wedding Planners wants to present you the wedding of Conor and Orla in a beautiful Renaissance Tuscan villa dating back to the earlies of the 19th century.
The protagonist of the day other than our amazing bride Orla, has been the amazing spots of the venue, the colourful flowers and the perfumed lemons overall.


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