The chic side of a country wedding in Italy!


Tuscany has always been in everybody’s imaginary a place where olive groves and vineyards outline the horizon, typical Tuscan “casale” are spread everywhere like spots in the wide yellow&green wheat fields and traditions are still present in everyday life. But actually Tuscany is so, this is why when you want to realize an authentic country wedding in Italy, Tuscany is the first place that comes in mind!

But Tuscany is not only a place for authentic country weddings, Tuscany is a mix of styles and historic corners that reflect years of old farming traditions and elegant noble inheritance. As a matter of fact, each wedding in Tuscany have both characteristics, those of the rural lovely decorations but in the meantime of chic details! See more about our tips and discover the chic side of a country wedding in Italy!


Chic, charming and elegant can be a beautiful church in the middle of a medieval town..history mixes with the fine details of Italian churches! May the ceremony be catholic, protestant or symbolic, public and private chapels are simply beautiful in their authentic elegance!



But also the beautiful gardens of a panoramic villa are ideal to give your wedding in Tuscany that chic charming atmosphere that will enchant all your guests! Beautiful for symbolic celebrations!



Venues can even look traditional outside but the insides can be really stunning! ..and cosy and stylish for every bride and groom that wants to have the best from their wedding in Italy!



The table set up will reflect your desired style as in this beautiful hall with arches and frescoed ceilings and walls. Then, the mirrors placed on each table widen up the spaces and with the elegant table set up and marvellous flowers composition, all looked like a luxury wedding making this antique hall the most romantic and chic one for a wedding in Italy!!



Finally, realize all possible ideas to add a chic style to every country wedding! So Tuscany is not only the place for country weddings.. on the contrary! It will suprise with all its elgant and chic perfectly planned, Super Tuscan weddings!


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