A “politically correct” Tuscan venue for a Tuscan wedding! Ask David Cameron and Tony Blair!

Discover Tuscany

Tuscany is a beautiful place to discover and that “something crazy” that some Italian people have has also convinced many to move in this beautiful land. Not at all just “some people” but Very Important People also!

Sting is just one of those who moved to Italy to fully enjoy the Tuscan slow-life! This property in particular saw among its protagonists Tony Blair and David Cameron…too easy to understand where they talked about it! 🙂 Discover where it is!

Many come to this property to “taste” a bit of the slow Tuscan life Sting knows very well! 🙂 And many others to celebrate an amazing luxurious Tuscan wedding (not at all enjoying that slow part but of course very pleasant as well!) 🙂

Located to the North of Arezzo, half-way from Florence, this beautiful house is owned by the winemaker Luca who made of his passion a real job! As he says: ‘Making wine means “to add that beauty” to the nature to preserve it and make its products memorable!’

So..not only a holiday house but a beautiful venue with lots of history to tell, traditions and passion to transmit!

Imagine to arrive in this gorgeous venue with a wonderful Wedding Car and all your guests are waiting for you like breathless in the fantastic Tuscan background. Combine the the fascination of Tuscany, this venue and all the details that you prefer (such as the Wedding Dress, Bouquet…) and you will have a perfect Wedding Day!

As many other properties here in Tuscany, the relation with the nature is very strong and most of all during Tuscan weddings! I’m not just talking about sipping red wine in front of an amazing panorama (but of course this is an obligation in Tuscany!!) after a beautiful emotional ceremony, but the feeling that the nature is all around you and is contributing to create a that unforgettable moments just for you and your bride or groom! Call it a wedding experience, but what counts more is that the nature is there, and protagonist somehow…



May it give you fast&short moments on your long-lasting life, while making this venue the location for your Tuscan Wedding, will make these fast moments..just amazing!

So a venue not only ideal for intimate moments with your family but for those ones to be share with your closest friends!


And as a lover of nature (and Tuscany!) as I am (are you also??), I suggest you to be not only a visitor but guest of this land. And if you want to honour Tuscany, ask us to realize one of the best days of your life in this property.. or in another one even, it’s ok, but let the nature be your first spectator and your Tuscan wedding will be memorable for all the brides, grooms and their guests!


Ask us to plan your unforgettable Tuscan wedding!

Super Tuscan Wedding Planners know how to realize it! 😉

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