Super Tuscan wedding planners Real weddingsBRIDE: Marie

GROOM: Travis


PH: Anny Photography

18Trasimeno lake wedding in Italy

Super Tuscan Wedding Planners: Wedding in Tuscany are our passion! Organizing a Tuscan wedding means not only making your Wedding day unique but also rich of experiences! Your Italian Wedding planners in Tuscany will delight you with Tuscan wine tasting, guided tours and unforgettable moments!

She, a beautiful Danish dark-haired girl living peacefully in his homeland, and he, a fascinating American soldier moved to Denmark for work reasons. Daily life brought them to meet and fall in love with each other. For the multitude of places he had ever seen and people he had ever known, he never imagined to get to know such a beautiful and lovely girl like her, Marie! This is the first part of the story he told all its guests, maybe short due to the soldier thoughts coming across, but moving like his tears while remembering…

Well, they met and fell in love..and chose Italy and olive groves as the dreamland to celebrate their lovely wedding day!

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The catholic ceremony took place in a small church on a hillock. “Travis & Marie” said a heart hanged on a tree! The walk to the church started down the small alley toward the church..a path adorned with rose petals, lanterns and a veil curtain as if the bride was to enter a stage.. The church was really small, perfect to let love float around. After the ceremony all the group reached the venue they had chosen. And, as the Danish tradition wants, the wedding cake was there ready for them to be cut! The sun was still high in the sky.. too nice to take some photos at the back of the venue with a marvellous view of the Trasimeno lake and Cortona as background! The old castle then gave everything that medieval atmosphere, very ancient and so romantic!! Finally the wedding reception started and the bride, so beautiful in her white sparkling dress but too tired for the long day, could relax a bit. Well, family&friends’ speeches and the Tuscan flavours of the food were the most relaxing things for everybody! When the young band started to play then, entertaining moments came by.. the garter throwing for the boys, and the bouquet for the girls! So everybody could find out the next new spouses!! 😛

Not just memories at this wedding in tuscany, but also smiles, laughs and much more entartainment!

Here’s the second part of our Travis&Marie’s story.. amazing to begin a new life together! so touching and amazing! A beautiful wedding in Tuscany, from the first ray of sun to the last one….and we were there to share those moments, so proud to have been their Tuscan wedding planners!

I know that you, Marie, are reading the post so I wish you and Travis all the best and a happy life together.. and many (and many) lovely babies! <3

With love Germana, Elia & Arianna! <3