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Tuscan Wedding Ceremony

A must-have of a destination wedding in Tuscany is the ceremony outdoor. Usually a view, a vineyard or an olive grove are the typical symbols of a Tuscan Wedding Ceremony and these are the dreams of future spouses when it comes to their Tuscan Wedding Ceremony. Anyway, there are other options, you know? 

Tuscan Wedding Ceremony in a Church

Foreign couples can have a religious wedding in Italy as well! This is great news for the couples that care about being married before God. Think of a small chapel in a Tuscan Borgo, or of a largest church to welcome all your guests… The result is always the same: a touching and joyful moment of closeness, to celebrate love! And naturally, you can have the reception outdoor, to enjoy the beauties Tuscany can offer!

And Tuscany has beautiful churches too! If you don’t believe it, just take a look at this gallery:

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FotorCreated 3And if you like the idea of a small chapel even though you have a lot of guests, here’s your solution: a mix between indoor and outdoor. By placing chairs outside and a speaker so that everyone can hear, all guests will be taking part at your Tuscan Wedding ceremony and assist to something original, different and unforgettable!

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Tuscan wedding ceremony Indoor or in a Town Hall

Many couples like the idea of being civilly married in a Town Hall, even because some Tuscan Town Halls are really special. Art and History are usually all around and when you enter, you can sense a magic atmosphere that enriches a Tuscan Wedding Ceremony.

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The same happens if you choose to have your Tuscan Wedding Ceremony in a theatre or in a hall of a Castle.

Even in an indoor ceremony, if you help us find the right location, magic can be all around!

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Tuscan Wedding Ceremony Outdoor

Now, let’s go back to the must-have of a Tuscan Wedding: a ceremony outdoor. With a view, in a vineyard or in an olive grove, we all know that Tuscany is full of great possibilities if you dream of an alfresco ceremony! And all we can do is agree with this! We love Tuscany and its landscape! And we are passionate about what we do! This is the reason why surely we’ll find the perfect location for your Tuscan Wedding Ceremony! We’re expert, we have already done it and realized a lot of couples’ dreams about their desired ceremony. Here, in the following pictures, are some Ceremony dreams come true!
Tuscan Wedding Ceremony
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As you have seen, all these ceremonies are different. Some are Persian or Indian ceremonies. Other ceremonies are with a view. Some are in a garden. Other are in a wood. Many are by a tree. Other ceremonies are by the water: a pool or a lake! Some are on a meadow. Some other are in a cloister.

You see different tastes and different choices but there’s one thing in common: a Tuscan Wedding Ceremony is always perfect!

Do you need advices for you Tuscan wedding Ceremony? Ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!