1 Rehearsal dinner in tuscanyFor a perfect Wedding experience you don’t have to think only at the Wedding Day but you must plan every day of your stay for yourself and for your guests. Tuscany offers a lot of activities and traditional restaurants where the food is divine and the wine is delicious. Super Tuscan Wedding Planners can help you! Let’s find out how.

06Rehearsal dinner in Tuscany 07Rehearsal dinner in Tuscany 08Rehearsal dinner in Tuscany 03Rehearsal dinner in Tuscany 02Rehearsal dinner in Tuscany 04Rehearsal dinner in Tuscany Tuscan Wedding planners Tuscan Wedding planners Tuscan Wedding planners Tuscan Wedding planners 15Rehearsal dinner in TuscanyLet’s focus on food! Who doesn’t wish a perfect dinner for the Wedding Day? Everyone does! Well, let me tell you something: surely the Wedding Dinner is the most important meal of your Tuscan experience butSuper Tuscan Wedding Planners suggest you to arrange a Rehearsal Dinner the night before your most important day of your life. Try to think about it! Tuscany offers traditional small restaurants like wineries where the food is amazing. Juicy appetizers, typical dishes and a warm atmosphere will help you to spend a magnificent night with the people you love.


Winery is definitively one of the best place to arrange this kind of dinner but our Tuscan towns offer many solutions as well. Would you like something… smarter? Here we are with your perfect and typical Tuscany locations: the Coffee Theater. Under our Medieval porch, you and your guest could have a very nice dinner breathing the lively air of Tuscany. Do you think Winery and Coffee Theater ideas don’t suit to your wishes? It will be a pleasure for Super Tuscan Wedding Planners to help and propose you different solutions!


The night before your big day probably you will be a bundle of nerves, it’s perfectly normal… don’t panic! But think about it. Wonderful wine, your relatives and friends, delicious food e maybe good music. Well… Could you think something better? While you are enjoying the night you can taste the food and relax yourself. In my opinion, this is one of the best way to let the stress off, isn’t it? You just have to choose the perfect destination for your Tuscan wedding!


So, take my advice: arrange a Rehearsal Dinner. It’ll help you to make an idea about food and it’ll help you relax yourself and have fun with your friends. C’mon! Good music, dance and drink… but not too much! Remember: you have to get married the day after, so watch out. Sleep at least 8 hours and don’t drink too much. Despite a Bride is always beautiful I think none of them would like to have black circles in their eyes the day after, right? And for you, dear Groom, remember that your Bride will count on you the Wedding Day and for the rest of her life. So be rested and try to be full of strength. Your Wedding Day is there, ready to celebrate your union and the rest of your life!


Bride & Groom, Rehearsal Dinner is a good way to spend the last night of your life like fiances but… at midnight go to sleep! 😉


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