23Wedding in Florence
BRIDE: Viv | GROOM: Dave | LOCATION: TUSCANY – CortonaPH: Amy turner


July 5th, a warm morning sun, colourful flowers all around and Viv and Dave are getting ready to become one family and one only soul. The sun is shining in our Tuscany on their big day and the bride and groom’s preparation seemed relaxed as never!

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He Dave, a tall young man wearing a grey suit combined with a nice waistcoat and a red tie happily smiling. And she Viv bright with her shining smile and her beautiful sleeveless white wedding gown on!

A happy mood for both of them, as if the sunshine and the bright sky heated their hearts! Dave posed for some shoots with his brother and our Viv, had fun with her bridesmaids walking to the blue Ape Calessino that would have led her to the altar in our wonderful Cortona!

The Ape Calessino drove down along the cypress alley out of the wonderful Tuscan wedding venue Viv and Dave had chosen for their wedding celebrations. Viv couldn’t have been so thrilled…as the Ape, with a nice sign at the back, announced to every passenger she was getting married that day! 🙂

The bright countryside and the slow pace of the Ape must have been amazing to enjoy and experience for our Viv and her father on such a special day!

The bridesmaids in their long emerald blue dress introduced the bride at her arrival at the church. The long aisle made the excitement even more thrilled!

The warm words of the celebrant and the music helped the ceremony be perfect for our bride and groom and this was witnessed from the smiles, laughs and the happy atmosphere perceivable at the end of the ceremony with all the guests reunited to celebrate Viv and Dave.

Our lovely couple left the church with bright blue eyes and the sign at the back changed unexpectedly (or not??) A “just married” appeared on the Ape Calessino and Viv and Dave reached their beautiful Tuscan wedding venue allowing themselves to stop a bit for some shootings in the sunflowers and along a resting cypress alley. Sooo romantic!!


Ready for the wedding reception, the bride and groom enjoyed all their guests for the alfresco aperitif and in the veranda where all tables had been beautifully adorned with delicate white, green and rose flower bouquets, lovely butterflies in the napkins, tea candles and photos of our Viv&Dave, one for each table. The wedding has just began and we leave our bride and groom to enjoy with their guests the wedding banqueting and night party..and I assure you the beautiful yards of the villa and the splendid panorama have helped them enjoy their day..and night!!


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